10 Holiday Blog Prop Ideas

Holiday blog props are a MUST for flatlay-taking bloggers like myself, especially now that Blogmas is upon us. The way I see it, if I’m going to be blogging for twenty-four days straight this month in the spirit of the holidays, I’m going to need to take some festive flatlays. Go big or go home, right?

This being my second Blogmas, I’ve kind of figured out the types of things (items? knick knacks? thingamajigs? I don’t know what else to call them) that I like to use as blog props around this time of year.

It’s nice having a general idea of what I’m going to be using in my flatlays before I actually start taking them. When I don’t go into a photo session with a clear (or at least semi-clear) idea in my head, my room ends up looking like the aftermath of a tornado. Sheets of marble haphazardly thrown around, magazines strewn across the floor, tubes of lipstick flying everywhere. Total and absolute chaos.

So, when I’m planning out my Blogmas flatlays, these are some things I usually think to include:

Red everything

Red is obviously a festive color, so every time I set out to take flatlays, I’m on the hunt for whatever red objects I can find. Lipsticks, confetti, candles, magazines. If it’s red and I own it, chances are it’s going in a Blogmas flatlay. What really makes this so great is that the items don’t have to be related to the holidays, yet they look festive when you put them all together.

Dollar store decorations 

Another wonderful and inexpensive way to add some holiday spirit to your flatlays is by using little decorative signs. These are nice because you can find really good ones for only a couple of dollars. (In fact, most of mine have come from the dollar bin at Target.) What’s also fantastic is that these little signs instantly give festivity to a photo. When you stick something that says “season’s greetings” or “happy holidays” in the corner of your flatlay, it’s going to have that desired effect.

Candy canes

I’m not going to try and lie to you: the reason these are so great is because you can eat them afterwards.

Mini stockings 

These are by far the cutest holiday blog props I have. And does anything scream “Blogmas” more than a miniature stocking? I love how these work as blog props, especially when I do all-red photos.

Mini trees 

Going along with this miniature trend, tiny trees are a fun way to spruce (pun intended…I’m so sorry) up your Blogmas photography. I have a little Christmas tree that I picked up on clearance for 99 cents last January (side-note: 10/10 recommend buying holiday decorations right after the holidays end).

Festive cookie cutters 

These are especially great if you’re doing a baking post. Fun-shaped cookie cutters add all sorts of festivity to a photo!


A good mug can always make a flatlay look winter-y. And if you’re like me and have a drawerful of mugs at your disposal (I just can’t resist a nice mug!), then you don’t have to do any shopping. I personally like to fill a mug up with coffee and use it as a blog prop and a beverage.


Glitter has the ability to make anything 100 times more magical, doesn’t it? Sprinkling a little bit of gold, red or green dust over a flatlay will do just that. It can be a real pain to clean up, but it’s totally worth it.

winter skincare flatlay

Table runners 

If you’ve got a festive table runner laying around your house, this is a good way to get another use out of it. In the photo above, which is from my winter skincare essentials post, I took this beautiful red and green table runner and angled it to cover about half of the marble background. I like that it provides a bit of contrast and brings out the red in the product.


Personally, I like using doilies in my flatlays year-round. But I happen to find them particularly festive during the holiday season because they look like snowflakes!

Until tomorrow!

What are some of your favorite holiday blog props?


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11 thoughts on “10 Holiday Blog Prop Ideas

  1. Your flat lays are so cute! I may try my hand at them eventually, but there’s no way I can make them as on point as you and some other bloggers. I love glitter! Your right it does make everything better and ya can’t be in a bad mood looking at it.

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