25 Blogmas Post Ideas

When it comes to daily blogging challenges, one of the trickiest things can be coming up with content. This is my second year participating in Blogmas, and I still find it pretty challenging to brainstorm post ideas in such a short time frame.

That being said, today I decided to put together a short list of 25 Blogmas post ideas. My hope is that these can be helpful to anyone who is having a hard time coming up with ideas. I know from experience that having a list of post ideas can be really useful when you’re feeling stuck, so I definitely recommend writing down anything that catches your attention! Lists like this one were so handy for me when I was doing Blogmas last year, and I suspect they’ll make a return again this year.

25 Blogmas Post Ideas:

  1. Your favorite holiday tradition (ex. baking Christmas cookies)
  2. Winter workout tips/motivation
  3. Holiday blog prop ideas
  4. Your favorite holiday lipsticks
  5. Secret Santa gift guide (gifts under $10, $20)
  6. Best/worst things about the holiday season
  7. The Christmas Tag! 
  8. Holiday party OOTD
  9. Decoration inspiration
  10. Your favorite holiday drinks
  11. Best moisturizers for winter
  12. How to take bright blog photos in the wintertime
  13. Story of your favorite holiday memory
  14. Your favorite shows to binge on cold days
  15. Beauty advent calendar review
  16. Your feelings about Christmas music
  17. New Year’s resolutions
  18. Your favorite cookie recipe
  19. Tips for saving money during the holidays
  20. Your favorite holiday candles
  21. Ugly Christmas sweater OOTD
  22. What your most excited about for the holidays
  23. DIY gift ideas (depending on how crafty you are lol)
  24. Your favorite holiday dish
  25. Best gift you have ever received

Thanks for reading! I hope if you’re participating in Blogmas this year, this list can be of use to you!

Are you having trouble with post ideas for Blogmas?


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