My Pamper Routine Essentials

I love having nights-in. When the opportunity presents itself, I always spring on the chance to have an evening at home. There’s something so refreshing and de-stressing about spending time alone, and I feel like you can never go wrong with a personal spa and pamper session. After a long and strenuous week, it’s a great way to recharge and reward yourself. Today I thought that I would share some of my pamper routine essentials. This isn’t an original post by any means, but I think it’s a cool way to talk about items that I use on a routine basis.

Everyone has different beauty routines that they find fun and relaxing. For me, the main things that a stress-free night-in consists of are exfoliation and a fresh coat of nail polish. I like to use a good pair of exfoliating gloves once a week or so. I bought a fairly inexpensive pair last summer and have gradually grown to love them. I definitely prefer exfoliating gloves to exfoliating scrubs because of the convenience factor. A quality pair of gloves lasts a lot longer than a tube of product. Plus, they give you more leniency when it comes to soaps and body washes. Anyways, I really like the texture of these gloves. They’re rough enough to remove dead skin cells, but not so harsh that they scratch or irritate my skin. Exfoliation is especially great if you’re like me and you’re prone to dry skin. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft, and cleansed.


As for nails, I’m always happy after I’ve given myself a good pedicure. A handy item to keep in with your nail supplies is a pair of pedicure shoes. I received these shoes as a gift last year and I’ve gotten so much use out of them since. They’re very lightweight and comfortable. The toe separators keep your polish from getting smudged, which makes it easier for moving around. They’re a fantastic set of shoes to have around if you’re someone who likes to multitask while you paint your nails. I like to clean while I paint my nails, so having them on makes it a lot easier. I highly recommend trying out a pair.

Moisturizer is another important part of my pamper routine. I recently wrote an entire post about my all-time favorite moisturizer, which is the Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter. This product is so wonderful and moisturizing. It locks in moisture immediately after you put it on without feeling dense or oily. The formula is very silky and creamy. Plus, the body butter has a light and refreshing scent. I won’t spend too much time raving about it since I already have, but it’s definitely worth the investment.

Since pamper sessions are all about moisturizer and hydration, I like to drink a lot of water when I have one. A large tumbler from Starbucks is my cup of choice. I find that having a cute tumbler makes me more likely to drink water. This one is great for having around.


As you may know from previous posts, I’m not a big fan of mud masks or treatments. They’re always messy to take off and I hate the feeling of goopy product all over my face. The only one I’ve ever really enjoyed and would use for a pamper session is the Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-Off Treatment. I got a sample of this treatment way back in July in my Sephora Play box. I didn’t enjoy the way it felt while it was on, but I was thoroughly impressed with how my skin felt afterwards. The formula is very purifying and cleansing. Plus, I noticed a massive difference in the size of my pores.

Thank you so much for reading! I’m off to go have a pamper session myself.

What are your pamper session essentials? 


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4 thoughts on “My Pamper Routine Essentials

  1. I adore Josie Maran’s whipped body butter. I wrote an extensive post on it as well. It’s the best sensorial experience. I just bought her 19 oz. in caramel apple so I don’t run out during winter. It’s divine. I find myself putting it on more than I have to because of the experience. I’m totally addicted to it!


  2. I always end my week on a pamper session! For me I like to have a hot bath and a facemask. I used to hate them on my face, but lately they’ve grown on me haha. I liked reading about what you like on a pamper night. Exfoliating gloves sound interesting!


  3. When I saw your pampering includes nail polish I got so excited lol – same for me! I just feel so relaxed when I can sit and take time to paint my nails. I’m the same way about masks too, just kind of a pain, so I’ll definitely try this one you suggested!


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