Monthly Goals: November 2017

I’m not quite sure how it happened, but somehow it is November. I know that I say this every month, but I’m honestly blown away by the fact that 2017 is almost over. It feels like just yesterday we were counting down the days for this year to start. It’s hard to believe how fast time flies by when you’re not paying attention.

Today I’ll be sharing another installment of my monthly goals. When I started this series last January, one of my goals was to keep is going for the entire year and I’m excited to have almost done that. I know that I mentioned in the past couple of entries that I’m not certain whether or not I’ll continue this series in 2018, but right now I’m thinking that I’ll post my goals, but only on occasion. I’m still going to make monthly goals for myself, but I don’t want this feature to get too redundant, so I don’t know if I’ll always post them.

Anyways, here are my goals for the month of November!

1. Pick up a new blog photography background 

While I own a couple of different blog photography backgrounds, I always find myself reaching for my marble one. I love the look of marble flatlays, but I feel like sometimes they can get too repetitive. This month, I intend to pick up a new background. Whether it’s a different variation of marble or a solid color, I hope that doing this will bring some much needed change to my blog photography.

2. Drink more smoothies 

It’s easy to fall behind on healthy eating when you’ve got a lot going on in your life. I’ve personally been extremely busy these past three or four months, so I haven’t had as much time to make myself smoothies. By making it a November goal, my hope is that I’ll find the time to prioritize it again. I know that I feel a lot more energized when I’m eating healthy and I’m going to need that energy to accomplish everything that I want this month.

3. Stay consistent on my social media posting

In addition to healthy eating, posting on social media is something that’s easy to fall behind on when you’ve got a busy schedule. As a blogger, social media is one of the best ways to connect with other bloggers and share content. That being said, I’d like to be consistent on social media throughout the month of November as well as become more consistent on platforms that I rarely visit. Pinterest is a platform that I’ve been slacking off on lately, so let’s hope that I remember to visit it.

4. Read more books 

As someone who loves to read, this is always a monthly goal for me. Reading is one of my favorite ways to wind down after a stressful day. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, it’s one of the few things that manage to make me feel better. In November, I’d really like to read more books.

5. Write more blog posts 

Continuing on with this theme of doing things that are difficult to follow through on when you’re busy, I’d also like to get more blog posts up. I started posting less frequently back in August to accommodate my changing schedule, but I think that if I really push myself, I’ll be able to produce more content in the next couple of months. Hopefully I’ll be able to throw in some random posts every now and then. I love the spontaneity of writing blog posts, so I would really like to bring it back.

What are your goals for November? 


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