Camouflage and Cream

Ever since I bought a tripod, I’ve been on a mission to revive the fashion element of Currently, Lately. It’s been a few weeks since my latest fashion post, so today I figured I’d share an outfit I’ve been loving recently!

We made the transition to fall just a few short weeks ago. Temperatures have yet to take a drastic dip, and I’m hoping they don’t for a little while longer. I don’t know about you, but I want to relish in the warm weather for as long as I can. If you know anything about me, cold weather is not my thing. It mostly has to do with the fact that I hate pumping gas on chilly days. Then again, pumping gas is just as miserable on warm days. On second thought, maybe I just hate pumping gas…

ANYWAYS, the point of this post isn’t to rant about the annoyances of driving (though I could do that if you’d want to see it)! The point of this post is to talk about my current go-to outfit. As I said, fall has just started. While it might not feel like fall outside, I’ve definitely felt that change in my wardrobe. Lately I’ve found myself gravitating towards autumnal colors. Mustard has historically been my favorite shade for fall, but recently I’ve been drawn to olive green.

I feel like olive green is underrated in terms of fall color schemes. You see so much about yellows and oranges and purples that green seems to get overlooked. Anyone else feel the same way? Maybe I’m just reading too far into things.

One of the things I really love about olive green is that it captures the earthy vibes of autumn. This olive green skirt, which has been a fall staple of mine for quite some time, screams “IT”S FALL!” to me. It has an interesting pattern of both camouflage and floral. I love how it juxtaposes the dark colors and the camo with the lace and the florals.

To keep with the theme of contrast, I paired the skirt with this slowly cream top. The shade of cream matches really well with the skirt. Plus, I adore the detailing on the neckline.

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago and posted it on my Instagram. If we haven’t connected on Instagram (or any other social media platform for that matter), let’s! I post blog photos, but things from my daily life as well.

(Sorry for getting all self-promotional, but when the opportunity presents itself…)



Top: Kohl’s

Skirt: Macy’s

Sunglasses: Dress Barn

As you can see, this is a pretty simple outfit, but it has really gotten me inspired for fall fashion! Let me know if you’d like to see more outfit posts like this in the future.

Thanks for reading! Until next time.

What’s your favorite thing about fall fashion? 


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