Get Yourself a Tripod

Like the title, this post is going to be short and to the point.

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, you should get yourself a tripod.

I’m telling you this because I wrestled with the idea for a while before I finally decided to ahead and do it last weekend. I picked out a fairly inexpensive one from Amazon and ordered it (along with a few other blog photography-related things).

I didn’t get the chance to test it last weekend, but I broke out the tripod yesterday to shoot a few photos. I was actually planning to make this an outfit post. But since I was so excited about the tripod, I ended up changing my mind.


Although I’ve only used it once, my tripod has already become one of my best blogging investments. I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about having someone there to take photos for me. Plus, I can be as nit picky as I want when it comes to shots (because let’s face it, getting the right blog photo requires many different shots and no one wants to stand there and take them).

The point of this post is you should get yourself a tripod. It really is a worthwhile investment if you’re a blogger, especially if you’re a blogger like me who wants to be in control of everything. I’ve always disliked having to give someone else the reins when it comes to blog photos and this way I don’t have to.

I realize this post is shorter than usual, but I really just wanted to talk about how much I’m enjoying my tripod!

Anyways, I’m off to have a coffee. Happy Sunday!

Do you have a tripod? 


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23 thoughts on “Get Yourself a Tripod

  1. I’m so with you Paige! I bought a tripod and I’ve been using it to try my hand at outfit posts. I’m quite picky with them myself so i don’t want to ask someone to take them for me cause I know I’ll want like a hundred 😂 having a tripod gives you more control 🙂

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      1. I am not really sure of what kind of tripod it is, it came in a bundle with a camera, tripod, bag, sd card and I feel like something else for like a little over $200. At the time I was looking for something to take pictures of my students at school and only recently got into blogging and vlogging so I am in need of a new camera with a flip out screen.


  2. I love my tripod!!!! I always did our chapter pictures for major events with my sorority and it made the world of difference! Though I still haven’t talked myself into a parallel bar to take flat lays better because right now it’s crazy hard for me. #shortpeopleproblems


  3. Definitely a worthwhile investment because at times, when someone takes a bad photo of me I don’t want to ask them to do it again lol and finally getting a tripod should save me from that distress!! Thanks for your insight girl x


  4. I’ve been considering a tripod for a while, but becuase I just stack up some books I’ve always told myself ‘this works just fiiiine’. Maybe it’s time to reconsider!


  5. I definitely don’t have a tri-pod because I’m sure I’d lose it on my next move…. but they are always a welcome item to have for assisting in creating images for content.. One day I will 🙂


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