My Three Favorite Things About the MacBook Pro

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I know what you’re thinking. ‘Wait, Paige. It’s Saturday. Didn’t you just start a new posting schedule where you only post on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays?’ 

You, my friend, would be right. Rest assured, I am still sticking to that posting schedule. But I happen to have a little time to kill this afternoon and rather than watch Netflix for the next couple of hours (which was a tempting idea), I figured I would write a post.

There will still be a Sunday post. Tomorrow’s blog is already written and scheduled (spoiler alert: it’s an outfit of the day), so this week is just going to have four posts instead of the usual three!

Anyways, as I mentioned in August, I recently got a MacBook Pro. I’ve been debating whether or not to write a post about it since I picked it up. And after much debate, I finally decided to go ahead and do it.

Before I get into this, I feel like I need to reiterate two important things. 1). I’ve only had the laptop for a month. 2). I’m not very tech savvy. If you’re a tech enthusiast looking for an in-depth review of the MacBook Pro and all of its software and features, this probably isn’t going to help you. But if you’re a blogger or a student or a working professional and you’re thinking about investing in a new laptop, hopefully this will give you a general idea of how I like the product.

Rather than build up any suspense, I’m just going to come out and say that I love this computer. In the month that I’ve had it, it has managed to not only meet my expectations, but totally exceed them. I could ramble on and on about how happy I am with this product, but instead I thought it would be better to pick out my three favorite things about the MacBook Pro and share them with you all.

First things first, let’s talk about the lightness of this laptop. The MacBook Pro is the perfect size and weight for taking on-the-go. If you’re someone like me who constantly has her computer with her (i.e. you are a blogger), you’ll definitely be impressed by how travel-friendly this laptop is. It isn’t bulky and it doesn’t take up lots of unnecessary space in your bag. It’s sleek and easy to bring with you to your favorite workspace.

Another great feature of the MacBook Pro is its speed. Finding a computer that functioned efficiently was a huge concern of mine when I was looking for a new laptop. One of the main reasons I needed a new computer in the first place was because my old one was giving me major issues in the speed department. It would take almost ten minutes for applications to load, which was a nightmare when it came to blogging and photo editing.

I definitely found what I was looking for in the MacBook Pro. Its applications open instantaneously and function well over long periods of time. I can work on the computer for hours at a time without worrying about it slowing down, which was another problem I experienced with my old laptop. I love that I can count on this computer’s quickness.

Lastly, I’ve been really happy with the MacBook Pro’s battery life. The laptop holds its charge for about ten hours, which is a life-saver when I don’t have access to an outlet. It’s nice to not be in constant fear of having my laptop battery suddenly die on me as I’m writing a blog post, which, admittedly, has happened to me on more than one occasion. The MacBook Pro is also pretty quick to charge. I don’t know the exact time it takes to fully charge, but it doesn’t take long for you to have a good deal of battery life.

Overall, I think the MacBook Pro is a worthwhile purchase. It’s definitely an investment, but if you’re looking for a durable, high-speed laptop, I would highly recommend it. Having this computer has made blogging and other Internet-related activities a lot easier for me (not to mention it looks great in flatlays). I can’t wait to continue using it and exploring its other features!

Do you have a MacBook? 


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15 thoughts on “My Three Favorite Things About the MacBook Pro

    1. I would argue that yes, the MacBook Pros are definitely pricey. However, if you consider much longer and more durable the product is, I think you’ll find that the quality and longevity make it worth the investment.

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  1. I have a MacBook Air and I love it! My old laptop was heavy, huge, and would constantly overheat so going from that to the sleekness and lightness of the macbook was amazing. Definitely took a little getting used to switching from windows to apple!

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  2. Got mine earlier this year after my cousin just said “Get a Macbook. It’ll last you much longer than your HP.” I’m absolutely in love though I’m still having to remind myself that I can’t yank my USBs out that are for my portable hard drive or just a thumb drive. They must be ejected. But I do adore it! Plus the whole being able to text some of my friends with iMessage from it instead of picking up my phone has me spoiled.

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  3. This was such a cool post to stumble upon! Ive been playing around with the idea of getting a new laptop for months now and I am planning n heading over to the store today to have a look and see if I can buy one. I’m definitely set on a pro instead of the air but now my big question is…. in what colour!? Space Grey I’ve read and seen looks quite futuristic but the silver really just has that perfect “classic” look…


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