Why I Started My Blog

Hello again! Happy Sunday!

I hope this weekend is faring up to be a good one for you. It’s been a good, albeit chaotic, one for me. I’ve got a lot going on at the moment. Nothing bad, I promise. But the business has made it difficult to find time to blog. As I’m writing this, I’m having a pretty intense battle with my eyelids. Let’s hope I’m able to hold them off for a little while.

Anyway, as long as I don’t spontaneously fall asleep in the next few minutes, today I’m bringing you a post that I’ve started and restarted at least a dozen million times: the story of why I started my blog! This is a post I’ve honestly wanted to write since I first began blogging. I’m really fascinated by these types of posts because a). they’re fun for curious people like me and b). they give you a better glimpse of the person behind the blog.

Another big reason I decided that now was the time to write this is because I celebrated my first blogiversary a few weeks ago! Yep, Currently, Lately is officially one year old. Despite how cliche this is going to sound, I’m totally blown away by the fact that one whole year has gone by since I began this blogging journey. I still remember sitting down to write that painfully awful first blog post. (And I still cringe at how painfully awful it was to this day).

So, before I get into this post, I’d like to say a huge, massive, colossal thank you to everyone who has read or followed this blog. It’s amazing to me that anyone has clicked on this site, let alone stuck with it. Thank you so much for that.

I’m getting really sidetracked, aren’t I? Back to the point of the post. As I mentioned, I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while. Seeing that this blogging milestone has just recently gone by, now seemed that the perfect time to do so.

I feel like this isn’t that interesting of a story (way to hype up your content, Paige), but it’s something that I’ve been meaning to put up. So, whether you’re interested or not (I wouldn’t be offended either way), here’s the story of why I started my blog.

To begin, I should probably mention that this isn’t the first blog I’ve ever written. I worked on one for about a month before I decided to take the plunge and launch Currently, Lately. Like my earlier content, it was pretty terrible. I didn’t post consistently, didn’t have an easy to navigate theme, and didn’t take my time on photos. Translation: it was a hot mess.

Although I only ran that terrible blog for a short time, I’m really glad to have done it. It helped me realize a lot of the blogging mistakes I made, which helped me avoid making them in the future. It also taught me that if I wanted to produce a blog that I was proud of, it was going to take much more time and effort than I was putting in.

Having learned what I learned from my first blogging disaster, I decided I was going to start again from scratch. I knew that I needed to have a better game plan this time, so I took a couple of weeks and thought about what I really wanted out of this new blog. What kind of content did I want to create? What was my overall goal for the site? Asking myself these questions introduced me to the importance of devising strategies and making plans. Come to think of it, my planner/goal-setting ways really came to be when I began blogging.

I quickly realized that there were about a thousand different things that I wanted to talk about on my blog. I wanted to have the flexibility of jumping from topic to topic, so I knew I would need a URL that would reflect that. I started to do a ton of brainstorming. I would type different ideas into the notes app on my phone and hope something would stick.

Humorously enough, nothing ended up coming out of those brainstorming sessions. The idea for Currently, Lately came to me at the most random time. I wasn’t even thinking about blog-related stuff. I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden, the name popped into my head.

With the name came a clear idea for what I wanted out of my blog: a place where I could write about whatever I felt like writing about. A place where anything I was currently interested in, whether it was fashion or beauty or photography or current events, could be discussed.

My goal for this site was to be able to create a space where I could talk about whatever whenever. That’s why I started my blog. I wanted to be able to have conversations with people like me in a place where I could decide what I felt like talking about. I think that’s what I love the most about blogging: being able to create content based on what peaks my interest at any given moment.

Once again, I want to say thank you to all of you who have been a part of this blog. Whether you’ve liked or commented or read, it has been so incredible. Deciding to blog has definitely been one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I couldn’t imagine what I’d be doing in my free time without this little space.

I’m off to get some sleep now. I desperately need it. In the meantime, I hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful. I’ll talk to you again on Tuesday!

Do you blog? If so, why’d you start?


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18 thoughts on “Why I Started My Blog

  1. This was so interesting and lovely to read! I’m glad you started blogging and happy blogiversary! 😂 I’m a new reader but your blog is awesome and you should be so proud of this little space you’ve created!
    Eva x

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  2. I really loved this, such an interesting read! Happy one year, that is such an incredible milestone and you’re right – perfect timing to hear more about the behind the scenes aspects. I love how the name just came to you! I think it perfectly reflects your blog and how you use this space for yourself :)xxx

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