I Finally Tried That Color Changing Lip Gloss

Yep, you read that right. A color changing lipgloss. Can I just say this is hands-down the greatest marketing tactic of all-time? Honestly, who wouldn’t want to buy this? Even if you’re not a lipgloss person, you must feel at least slightly intrigued.

So, in case you didn’t know, Lipstick Queen has a Frog Prince collection that consists of a color changing blush, lipstick, and lipgloss. The products go on green and change to pink on your skin. Hence the title “Frog Prince.” The product claims to adjust to your perfect shade of pink by adapting to your skin tone and pH level. Recently, I got my hands on the lipgloss from this collection and today I thought I would share my impressions of it.

Firstly, let’s begin with the packaging. While I’m not the world’s biggest lipgloss fanatic, I definitely have a preference when it comes to lipstick packages and applicators. Squeezable tubes are not my favorite thing because I always manage to push too much product and end up wasting the majority of it. That being said, I was really pleased that the gloss comes with a wand applicator. It gives you more control over how much product you use and makes even application a lot easier.

When I first applied this gloss, I was surprised by the sheerness of the green. From the vibrancy going on inside the bottle, I was expecting it to be a dark and deep green. But the green actually isn’t that pigmented. I would describe it as having more of a green undertone. It doesn’t give you full-blown green lips. While this isn’t really important (the green only lasts for a matter of seconds), I was a bit disappointed by the lack of pigmentation. From the way this product is advertised, I had the impression that the change from green to pink would be more significant.

Although the change wasn’t as drastic as I’d hoped for, I was definitely impressed by the shade of pink that the gloss became. The gloss was a light, soft, and shiny pink. I’m not sure how much the color varies from person to person, but I thought the shade was universally flattering. It’s simple and shimmery and pairs well with pretty much anything.

As far as durability goes, I didn’t find this lipgloss to be particularly long-lasting. The formula faded shortly after I had something to drink, and was completely gone after I had something to eat. I was too upset about this, though, as it seems to be a characteristic of most glosses.

In short, while the color change wasn’t as exciting as I’d hoped, I was happy with the turnout of the rosebud pink. The gloss is shimmery, shiny, and versatile. It’s a neat product with a cool concept, but I think this will be a one time purchase. Lipgloss is generally not my product of choice, and this one is on the expensive side. It’s better suited as a try-it-for-fun kind of product rather than a makeup bag staple.

Have you tried this lipgloss before? 


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11 thoughts on “I Finally Tried That Color Changing Lip Gloss

  1. I actually remember a lipstick my mum had when I was a child that was green and changed colour to raspberry red after being applied, I loved it! I hadn’t seen something like that for long until recently when it became a thing again. Still love it☺️

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  2. You remind me of those lipstick that is clear looking but has pink color. It is fun but I wonder how it looks on white paper? Would it still the same color on our lip? Or it changes color because of human body heat?

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