Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover Dissolving Spray

Before I get into this post, I’d just like to quickly say that this is the first post I’m writing on my brand new MacBook Pro! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a new computer. My old laptop was about six years old, which I realize is really old in terms of technology, but I couldn’t help but get attached! I’m not somebody who likes change when it comes to electronics and I’ve tried putting off getting a new computer for a long time. But eventually you reach a point where it becomes necessary. In my case, that point was reached when Microsoft Word started taking ten minutes to load.

All I really wanted to say is that I’m coming to you from a new computer. I’ve always been a Windows person, but I decided that I wanted to switch to Mac. It’s a lot different but so far I’m really happy with it, even though it means letting go of my old laptop. (R.I.P. to my Lenovo IdeaPad)

Anyways, as you can see from the title, today I’m bringing you all a review of the Urban Decay Meltdown Makeup Remover Dissolving Spray. I recently ordered a few things from Sephora online. When I went to checkout, I looked at the promo codes and saw that since I’m a beauty insider and I spent over $25, I was eligible to receive a free deluxe sample of this spray. I was really excited when I saw this offer because I’d actually had my eye on this product for a while. Urban Decay is one of my favorite high-end brands and I was incredibly curious to see what a high-end makeup remover was like. (Before this, I had only used makeup removers from the drugstore.)

To get a good idea of how well the Meltdown Makeup Remover works, I decided to try it on a few different days with a few different looks, ranging from minimal makeup (foundation, concealer, eyebrows, mascara) to full glam makeup (foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara).

On the first day I tried this makeup remover, I was wearing minimal makeup. I followed the directions on the little paper that came with the sample, which said to spray the makeup remover on a cotton ball and then wipe your face. I was kind of surprised that the product wasn’t supposed to be applied directly to your face. It seems to me that the cool aspect of a spray makeup remover would be that you don’t have all the fuss of pouring it out on a cotton ball or paper towel. (Of course, maybe I’m the only one who thought that.)

Anyways, the first thing I noticed about the spray was that it had a formula different from any other makeup removed I’ve used. It was light and felt almost powder-ish. It didn’t have that cool, wet feeling that I’ve come to expected from makeup remover. Once I started wiping it around my face, however, it began to feel like a standard makeup remover. It was fairly oily, but not anymore than the makeup removers that I typically use from Neutrogena and Clinique.

As I said, the first day I used this product was a minimal makeup day. On that day, I found that the Meltdown Makeup Remover worked really well. It removed all of my makeup without much effort on my part, including my mascara. My skin was a bit oily afterwards, but nothing too terrible.

The next day that I tried out this product, I went with a more intense look. The makeup remover still worked just as well on my face, but it wasn’t very effective on my eyes. While it thoroughly removed my eyeshadow and mascara, my waterproof eyeliner didn’t come off very well. I had to scrubbed at my eyes for several minutes, but even then I still had some left over. I was a bit disappointed because I really expected this to work for all situations.

Overall, my consensus is that the Meltdown Makeup Remover only worthwhile if you stick to minimal makeup looks. If you’re someone who wears a long-lasting eyeliner on a regular basis, then this probably wouldn’t be a good buy. It works perfectly fine on face products, but when it comes to your eyes, it definitely falls flat. To me, there is nothing about this product that makes it stand out against other makeup removers. Consequently, I won’t be purchasing a full-size bottle. There are makeup removers at the drugstore that work just as effectively as this one, but don’t cost nearly as much. I love Urban Decay, but this wasn’t a success for me.

That being said, I’m going to log off and go enjoy the sunshine. The weather has been lousy where I live recently, so I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

Have you tried out this makeup remover? 


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  1. I haven’t tried it. I use Mary Kay makeup remover but honestly haven’t branched out to try others. Yay for new technology! How are you handling the switch to Apple?

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