Happy Summer!

I’ve got to confess to you all that I’m feeling pretty exhausted today. If you read my monthly goals for June, then you may know that one thing that I really wanted to do this month was stock up on blog posts. Yesterday I spent the entire day doing just that. I wrote a lot of different posts and while I’m very excited to have done so, it has sort of left me feeling drained.

However, I still want to get a post up. With today being the first official day of summer, I thought that it would be fun to share a few summer flatlays with you all. Summer is my absolute favorite season, so I was really excited to create some flatlays that attempt to capture that essence.




I know this isn’t really a substantial post, but I had a really great time setting up these flatlays! Would anyone be interested in seeing a series of seasonal flatlays? Anyways, I’m off to get myself a cup of coffee! I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

What’s something fun you’re doing this summer?


Untitled Design (13)

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