My Beauty Favorites For Travel

Before I get into this post, I want to quickly apologize for not having something up yesterday. I finished writing this yesterday and planned to take photos afterward, but it ended up pouring rain, so I couldn’t get them done. Hence, I couldn’t post. 

With summer being a big time for travel, today I thought it would be fitting to share some of my favorite beauty items for on-the-go! These are some things that have been really convenient for me to have when away from home and need to conserve space in my makeup bag. If you’re traveling any time soon, then hopefully one of these products will be helpful to you.

The first product is something that has been one of my travel essentials for the past couple of years and it is NYX’s Go-To Palette in “Wanderlust”. I realize that I’ve talked about this palette quite a lot, but I promise that my praise is justified. This palette has six eyeshadows, a highlighter, a blush, and a bronzer all in one container. It’s the perfect palette to throw in your travel makeup bag for a couple of reasons. 1). It’s very compact. 2). You can get a lot of different uses out of it. When I went on vacation last year, I relied on this palette every single day. It’s such a convenient thing to have and it makes packing makeup a whole lot simpler.

Next is the MAC lipstick in “Fanfare.” I’m a huge fan of this lipstick because I find the color to be ideal for summer. I would best describe “Fanfare” as a deep shade of coral pink. It’s one of MAC’s cremesheen lipsticks, so it has a chapstick-like consistency that makes your lips feel incredibly moisturized. It looks great when you pair it with the bronze-y eyeshadows in the Go-To Palette, but it’s also very pretty with simple wings or eyeliner. Because of its versatility, I love having this lipstick in my makeup bag when I go on trips.


Another fantastic item is Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream. While this isn’t the greatest BB cream I’ve ever used, it’s certainly a good one, especially when you factor in its price. This is actually a great item to pick up if you’re trying to budget your spending before a big trip. Anyways, BB creams are always nice to have for the summer because they’re fresh and lightweight. When it gets hot outside, most of us don’t want to wear a heavy foundation that melts off when you sweat. I think BB creams are the better option for vacation and travel because they allow your skin to breathe a little bit and don’t get super oily. An added bonus to many BB creams like this one is that they contain SPF. If you’re doing a lot of walking outside, it’s helpful to have sunscreen already embedded in your makeup.

Something else that I’ve loved bringing with me on trips is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Cream. My skin type is dry, so this is a wonderful product to have on hand when my face is in need of moisture. As soon as I apply this cream to my face, I can feel a massive difference in my skin. It helps me even on my worst dry days. Plus, Clinique offers a smaller version of this product that is a easy way to consolidate space.

The NYX butter glosses are also good to bring with you when you’re traveling because they smell great and give off a glossy finish. My all-time favorite butter gloss is “Crème Brulee.” I like that it’s a neutral pink because (like “Fanfare”) it works well with pretty much everything. This is a product that I love to swipe on if I’m out and about while on a vacation and don’t have a lot of time to fix my makeup. I always know that I can put this on to make my lips feel smooth and glossy. 



Lastly, when I’m on vacation, I like to bring the Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel.  This is a relatively new favorite of mine, but the product is so good that I have nothing but great things to say about it. I’ve been filling in my brows for a very long time, but I didn’t think to use brow gel until recently and I’m completely astounded by the difference it makes. When I apply this brow gel, I don’t have to worry about my eyebrows wearing off or falling out of place during the day. It doesn’t feel extremely heavy or sticky. In fact, I can’t even feel the product once it has been applied to my eyebrows. I strongly recommend giving this gel a try if you’re heading on a trip sometime soon, or even if you don’t have time to fiddle with your brows during the day. After you’ve put this on, you’re good to go for the rest of your day.

That concludes this post! Once again I’d like to apologize for not getting this up yesterday. I didn’t want to take photos that I wasn’t going to be happy with, which is what would’ve happened if I had taken them during the storm last night. I promise I’m going to budget my time a little better next time and take the photos before writing the post! Let’s hope it stays sunny for the next few days!

What are your to-go travel products?


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11 thoughts on “My Beauty Favorites For Travel

  1. I always bring a variation of the Nyx Butter Glosses with me! But my travel essentials are usually very light products, like bb creams, maybe something for the brows, maybe a light powder to set everything and mascara. I rarely bother to do a full face of make up. x


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