The One Face Primer I Actually Like

I don’t think I’ve kept my general dislike for face primers a secret on this blog. I talked about my bad experiences with face primer in both of my products that I’ll never buy again posts,  and discussed how even some cult favorites have left me feeling pretty underwhelmed. To me, face primers all have the same oily texture and consistency. They make my foundation slide off my skin and leave my face feeling very greasy. For the most part, I try to avoid it at all costs.

However, you can’t totally avoid a product if you get beauty subscription boxes in the mail, which is actually how I discover the one face primer that I actually like. There isn’t anything particularly exceptional about this product, but it’s the only primer I’ve ever used that didn’t leave me thinking that a good face primer was a mythical concept.

The aforementioned primer is IPKN’s Radiant Cream Primer. I got it in a Birchbox several months ago and, quite honestly, I didn’t realize how much I liked it until I tried out a sample of another primer that I really disliked.

Anyways, if you’re someone like me who feels like all primers have a greasy, oily texture, you’ll probably be shocked when you try this one. It has a cream base, so it’s very light on your skin. The formula doesn’t clog your pores or weigh down on your face. On most occasions, I completely forget that I’m even wearing it. It feels more like a moisturizer than a primer. Also, the product gives off a nice, dewy glow. It has a pearly undertone that makes your skin look smooth and radiant. I can actually tell the difference in my skin from when I’m wearing it and when I’m not wearing it, which is pretty impressive to me.

I would say the one downside to this primer is that it contains SPF 15, so it has that potent sunscreen odor that we all hate. While it can be annoying, I find that the scent fades away after I apply my concealer and foundation. It lingers a little bit, like any sunscreen-based product does, but it isn’t terribly strong once you’ve finished your makeup. Other than that, this primer is pretty great to me. Perhaps I need to start looking for some other cream primers.

Do you have a favorite face primer? 


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