April Favorites 2017

I know it’s not exactly original to begin a favorites post by talking about how fast this month has gone, but I really can’t help it. April went by in a blur! Whenever I think about the fact that we’re already five months into 2017, I’m completely baffled. Does anyone else still feel like it’s February?

Anyways, today I thought I’d share some of my favorite things from this past April. I have to admit that I’ve become a wee bit  completely addicted to reading favorites posts. I love how well-rounded they are. They give you the chance to talk about a little bit of everything. Plus, I feel like they’re good get-to-know-you kind of posts.


The first that I’ve been loving recently has been the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil BronzerAs of lately, I’ve really been into contouring and highlighting. A couple days into April, I fell down a rabbit hole abyss of baking tutorials on YouTube and I’ve been trying it out myself ever since. The Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer has been my go-to for this month. I bought it at Sephora back in December, but have only recently started using it on a regular basis.

Overall, I really like the bronzer’s color and finish. The shade is on the lighter side, so, if you have a fair complexion like me, it doesn’t create a super stark contrast. The bronzer is simple and matte, and it pairs wonderfully with a shimmery highlight. Also, while this is an added bonus rather than a reason to buy, it smells like chocolate. I seriously would buy a body spray of the smell if they made one.



Also in beauty, I’ve been using the Tarteist Pro To-Go Amazonian Palette pretty much nonstop. I won’t go into too much detail since I reviewed the palette just a few weeks ago, but it has great, highly pigmented shadows that are good for both bold and simple looks. I love how it contains three shimmery and three matte shadows. It offers a lot of variety for a six eyeshadow palette.

In terms of high-end palettes, it isn’t outrageously expensive either. It’s definitely a splurge that’s worth it’s price tag, especially if you’re looking for something that will be easier to take with you on travels this summer.


In fashion, I’ve been adoring this cute ABC Wisdom Owl Charm from Brighton Jewelry. I’ve worn this little charm around my neck almost every day for the past couple of weeks. Owls are my favorite animal and I love the little bedazzling at the top. It’s such a fun and unique piece of jewelry.


Another item I’ve been loving is Yankee Candle’s “Summer Scoop”You may recognize this candle from some of my flatlays, as it’s been a staple blog prop of mine this month. I seriously can’t resist putting it in my photos, because it’s just so gorgeous.

Anyways, if you know anything about me, I’m a big candle hoarder. One of my favorite things to do is buy seasonal scents that I can change through the year and use as decorations. While we’ve still got a little while till summer officially begins, I decided to pull out my summer candles early. “Summer Scoop” has been a favorite of mine for a while. It’s a light, sweet, fruity scent that is definitely reminiscent of the summertime. Also, its cotton candy pink color adds the right amount of brightness to whatever area it’s taking up.


While coffee happens to be a favorite of mine every month, I felt like I had to include it because it was a lifesaver of mine in April. I mentioned earlier last month that I had quite a chaotic schedule in life in general. On some days, coffee was the only thing that kept me functioning. I don’t know how I would have gotten through all my business without my morning caffeine.

(While I’m on the subject, I thought I should mention that now that April is over I’ll be back to consistent blogging! I don’t have a set schedule laid out yet, but as for now, you can expect posts every other day.)

At the end of the month, after my schedule began to die down, I did a lot of binge watching on Netflix. One show that I’ve watched an unhealthy number of episodes of is How to Get Away With Murder. I’m a big fan of suspenseful dramas, so this series has been a good one for me. It has great acting and a very intriguing plot. I’d definitely recommend giving it a watch.

That concludes this installment of my favorites! Let me know if you like these favorites posts because I’d be happy to continue them in the future. They’re very fun to write and love sharing things that I’ve been enjoying.

What have been some of your favorites this April? 


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  1. The Yankee Candle, Summer Scoop is my all time favourite Yankee Candle!! the smell is honestly so addictive, you just want to smell it all the time lol. x


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