The Denim Jacket.

Confession: I’m obsessed with denim jackets. More specifically, I’m obsessed with this denim jacket from Levi’s.

Last month, I suddenly decided that I wanted a light wash denim jacket. My obsession, unsurprisingly, began on Pinterest. (Isn’t that where all fixations start?) For weeks, I had been pinning jean jacket inspired looks to my boards. I loved how versatile the jackets were. They looked just as good paired with a t-shirt and leggings as they did with a skirt and heels.

But I didn’t realize how badly I wanted one till I stumbled upon a sleeveless floral dress the other day and thought to myself ‘hmm that would look good with a light wash jean jacket.’

A piece of advice: When you start envisioning outfits that consist of things you don’t actually own, it might be time to consider making the splurge.

Anyways, at this point I knew I wanted a jean jacket. The only problem was that I needed to find one that was reasonably priced. I started doing some research and quickly came to the realization that denim jackets are not cheap. The majority of the ones I found were close to two hundred dollars. And for me, someone who is always looking for the best deal possible, I could never actually bring myself to do that. Thus began my search for the denim jacket.

I started looking at department stores, but had very little success. The things that I liked were still very pricey and there didn’t seem to be a plain jean jacket anywhere. It wasn’t till I checked out my local consignment shop that I discovered something I liked.

Consignment shops are so fantastic. If you’re ever looking for something specific, I’d definitely recommend checking one before heading to the department store. I’ve found some really unique, good-quality pieces at second-hand stores for relatively low prices. This jacket costed me a justifiable thirteen dollars. I was beyond ecstatic when I saw the price tag.

For this outfit, I chose to go dressy casual with the jacket by pairing it with this green and black striped t-shirt dress from Forever 21. (I couldn’t find the exact dress, but the linked one is pretty similar). For footwear, I went with these simple black flats from Earthbound. They’re functional, cute, and comfortable.

What I love about this outfit is that it’s both laid-back and dressed up. If I wanted to, I could swap the flats for heels and wear this for a dressier occasion. The jacket definitely makes the whole thing work. It’s definitely been a worthwhile buy. You’ll probably see more outfit posts with it in the future.

(By the way, I look incredibly awkward in these photos. I had a swarm of bees flying around my head during the entire process, so it’s mostly from terror.)




What’s your favorite fashion trend at the moment?



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13 thoughts on “The Denim Jacket.

  1. Oooooe I too love denim jackets. However I agree finding one that’s affordable is hard. I splurged last year and brought one from Topshop. It was under £100 but not really cheap. However I must admit I definitely got my wear out of it and continue to do so. Your denim jacket looks beautiful. I always check in charity shops before I make a big purchase – just in case I can find it cheaper and give something back. Great post x

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