Feeling Uninspired?

Do you ever have one of those days when you’ve got a million things you could be getting done, but have absolutely no inspiration? One of those days where even the simplest of tasks seems challenging and you can’t seem to get yourself to concentrate?

Currently, I’m having one of those days.

I’ve tried virtually everything to get myself to focus. I’ve gone for a run, drank coffee, and read a book, but nothing has seemed to put me in an attentive mood. It’s beyond frustrating, considering how much work I could be finishing up if I was in the right mentality.

Every now and then, I think it’s natural for us to feel uninspired. For me, creativity and motivation come in doses. One moment I feel like I can accomplish a thousand things at a time, the next I’m struggling to complete one.

And while I realize that inspiration isn’t something that can be controlled and that it’s meant to fluctuate, it’s a thing that I find very frustrating. Feeling uninspired can certainly put a damper on your goals and your plans. It makes all the things you wish to attain seem even further out of reach. Plus, I think it’s human nature to want control over the things that can’t be controlled. It’s inspiration that ultimately controls our thoughts, plots, and ideas. It’s what drives us toward our successes. Why wouldn’t we want control over it?

When it comes to times when we feel uninspired, I believe there are a lot of lessons we should take out of them. To me, the most important thing that a lack of inspiration teaches you is that we shouldn’t take inspiration for granted. Any time that we’re feeling inspired, we need to capitalize on it. Making the most of inspired times is what is going to get us through the uninspired times.

So if you’re in a rut, just remember that it will pass. And if you’re not in a rut (lucky you), use that to your advantage. Inspiration definitely has its ups and its downs. Don’t allow the downs to discourage you.

What do you do when you’re feeling uninspired? 



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19 thoughts on “Feeling Uninspired?

  1. Hello, this is a really nice,little post. Well, when I feel uninspired I talk to my sister. She is a teacher so really knows how to lift up dwindling spirits 😛

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  2. I have had such days very often in the past and it affected my social behavior as well.. That made me realise that blaming yourself for not being full of inspirational thoughts all the time is like expecting an unnatural personality. Human mind is very complicated and sometimes even the smartest of people can have very low days so, I have managed to have control over negativity but it is not even possible to have an absolute breezy lighthearted and can’t be bothered with type of behavior.

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  3. I hope you feel better and inspired again soon! Unfortunately, this definitely happens from time to time. When I get uninspired, I either talk to my husband about it, gain a little motivation from reading my bible or hearing sermons, or simply do something that I enjoy like cooking, baking, etc. I find that sometimes inspiration just happens again when we’re not focused on getting it back. Hope this makes sense. 😊

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  4. I felt like this a few months ago. Usually I’m so motivated to exercise, teach and go out with friends. But for those few weeks I just didn’t have any inspiration or motivation to do anything. Last weekend I completed x-runner something I had never done before. I was so proud of myself that suddenly that motivation and inspiration came back. I think sometimes we just need to challenge ourselves or try something new to get it back. It’s good to read it’s not just me who has those off days!

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  5. I often fine that when I cannot focus, or can barely move, and the thought of my To Do list is overwhelming, it’s my mind saying “Take some time off”. We need down time to let our mind clear and our bodies relax. So rather than fighting the feeling, embrace it, know it will not last too long (or at least it shouldn’t!). do the minimum necessary to keep life in order, and let yourself have some down time. Get outside and enjoy some nature with a meandering walk, or at least take in some sun. Bet you feel better in a day or two!

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  6. My grandma would always say: You are organised so you will have stuff done on time. But if you don’t feel like doing them right now, at this certain moment, don’t force yourself as you are delaying the time when inspiration will come. When it will come, you will finish that task 5 times faster so why waste time now?


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