5 Products That I’ll Never Buy Again

This title seems a little aggressive, doesn’t it? Oh well.

Blogger integrity is everything to me. In my opinion, it’s what makes the blogosphere work. People place a high value on honesty. We like to read sincere content from people similar to ourselves.

But as blogging has become its own industry, some people have created blogs for the sole purpose of “getting free stuff.” These ones care more about the perceived benefits of blogging rather than being authentic with their readers, so they only write positive things about brands in hopes that they’ll get to work with them.

As exciting as working with a brand may be, I think it’s more important to be honest with your audience. Talking about the bad products is just as important as talking about the good ones.

Today I thought that I would share some beauty items that I don’t personally care for. I feel like these types of posts are helpful because makeup is pretty expensive. No one wants to spend thirty dollars on a product that doesn’t work. Hopefully this can help prevent you from having the same bad makeup experiences as me.

One of the first products that I ever developed an aversion to is the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore EraserAround the time of this primer’s release was when I first really started getting into makeup. I hadn’t actually tried face primer before, so at the time I didn’t know that I hated it. I went out and bought it within a few weeks of its release and found myself incredibly disappointed. The formula was very heavy and oily. After putting it on my skin, I felt like my face had been dipped in a vat of grease. The oiliness of the product made my foundation slide off rather than last longer. Plus, I didn’t see a major difference in the size of my pores.

Another item that was a big letdown for me was the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear blush.  Now I have to admit that I should have seen this bust coming. This blush caught my eye at the dollar store about a year or so ago. I should have been tipped off by the fact that it was at a dollar store, I know. (What kind of quality can you expect from a dollar blush?!?) But me, being the frugal person that I am, couldn’t resist giving it a try. I’m normally a huge fan of Physician’s Formula. Most of their products are of good quality and reasonably priced.

I think this might have been a defective blush, because my brush could pick up legitimately no product. I pressed down on it as hard as I could, and at one point even resorted to clawing at it with my nails. Regardless of what I did, nothing would come off. It was definitely a disappointment for me, but at least it had been inexpensive.


There are a lot of people who really enjoy this next product, but I simply couldn’t understand the hype. Benefit’s the POREfessional  is something that I strongly disliked, even though I really wanted to like. The packaging? Gorgeous. The name? Cute. The product itself? Eh. Similar to Baby Skin, I felt like this formula was extremely slick. While it may have minimized the look of my pores, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about how the formula weighed down on my face. It was very uncomfortable and I can’t imagine something that feels that oily can be good for your skin.

Like the POREfessional, Coola’s Makeup Setting Spray  was another high-end dud. It’s setting sprays like this that make me wonder whether or not setting spray actually works. Excited by the fact that this product is SPF 30, I wore it on a trip to an amusement park last summer. It only took a couple of hours in the sun for my face to melt entirely. My foundation, gone. My eyeshadow, smudged. My eyeliner, a complete mess. The weather that day was incredibly hot and humid, but when a product is advertised as containing SPF, I feel like extreme weather conditions should be an expectation.

Lastly, the Sephora Collection liquid eyeliner in ‘glitter black’ was not to my liking. I found the formula of this liner to be very watery and lack pigmentation. It would take several coats of this just for it to be noticeable on my eyes. For the most part, it just looked like a mess of faded color and sparkles.

Thank you so much for reading! When I review products, I really want you all to know that I’m being completely authentic. The last thing that I’d want to do is endorse something that I don’t actually like.

What are some products that you wouldn’t purchase again? 



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39 thoughts on “5 Products That I’ll Never Buy Again

  1. I always try to not post things I didn’t like because I don’t want to be negative… but then at the same time there are products that just miss the mark so badly, I’m like “okay I HAVE to let people know not to try this!!”. You are doing everyone a favor by saving them money really πŸ™‚

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  2. That title grabbed me straight away πŸ‘
    I agree whole heartedly about the baby skin and the benefit porefessional and I’d go so far as to throw the smash box original primer as well. Just don’t get what the fuss is about but maybe I don’t have the right skin type for it!
    Great post

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  3. I really appreciate your integrity while blogging! It’s always nice to hear about disappointing products as well as the great ones. I’ve been using Benefit’s Porefessional and I actually really like it so far, but what primers do you like better than it? I haven’t used many primers so I’d love to know which one to try next!

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad that you’re having a better experience with Porefessional than I did. I generally not a big fan of face primers. Almost all of the ones that I’ve used have had an oily texture and have seemed to make my foundation last for less time than it does without them. The only one I can say I really love is the IPKN radiant cream primer. It feels very light on skin and has a texture similar to a moisturizer!

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    1. I’m glad you’ve had good experiences with them! I’m a big fan of coola’s sunscreen, so I was surprised that I didn’t like the spray! I’ve never tried that mascara, but a friend of mine has said the exact same thing!

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  4. Never again will I ever buy an ELF primer. All of them have drive my skin insane and just wouldn’t let my foundation sit nicely. I liked the smell of the ones I used but my skin never absorbed them.

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      1. I’ve found that NXY poreless primer really absorbs into my skin so I don’t have that problem.


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