Monthly Goals: April 2017

Per usual, I’ll be starting off this month with a brand new set of goals for myself. If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning of the year, you may know that I decided to begin writing monthly goal posts this year. So far these blog posts have been really helpful in putting my goals in motion. If you’re looking to challenge yourself this month, I’d definitely recommend giving this a try. It makes it a lot easier for you to narrow down your priorities, as well as to keep yourself in check. Halfway through the month, I like to look back on these goals and figure out how well I’m doing with them. These posts act as great checkpoints.

1Develop a consistent blogging schedule 

While I tend to post within the same general time frame, I’d really like to figure out a set time to post at. I think it’ll be best for me to decide on a precise blog post time. Hopefully I’ll be able to establish said time by the end of the month.

2. Improve my blog photography 

I realize this is a very ambiguous goal and I’m genuinely not sure how I’ll determine whether or not I achieve this, but blog photography is something that could always use improvement. Maybe I’ll purchase a few new photo props, or start editing my pictures more precisely.

3. Drink less coffee 

I certainly haven’t made my love (and need) for caffeine a secret, but this month I hope to drink a little bit less. By no means do I intend to cut coffee out of my routine, but I would like to swap it with water every now and then.

4. Use less technology at night 

One thing that I would love to stop doing is using my phone or laptop late at night. If I opt to read before I go to bed instead of stare at a screen, I believe that it will help me sleep better.

Those are the things I hope to accomplish this April. I wish you luck with your goals!

What are your goals for April? 



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17 thoughts on “Monthly Goals: April 2017

  1. I love reading your goals posts because you always adhere to them and make progress! I found my blogging time through total randomness. I used to post around 11:30/midnight because another blogger suggested it to me and it didn’t work as well as my current time does. I just blogged randomly and found my sweet spot! It’s definitely different for every blog but I know you’ll find yours!

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  2. Love this! I want to build my Instagram following, Improve on my photography (For Blog and Instagram), Dabble into more Interior Design topics, exercise more, and create more interesting recipes posts for my new Vegetarian journey. 🙂

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