3 Inexpensive Flatlay Backdrop Options

I don’t get asked a massive amount of questions, but one query that frequently pops up in my comments is what type of backdrops I use in my flatlays. Today it dawned on me that writing up a blog post that highlights the different backgrounds that I have could be helpful to any blogger looking to change up their photography.

It took me quite a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to use and now I’ve narrowed my backdrops down to three items. I think that the best thing about these items is that they’re very inexpensive. Since most bloggers (including myself) don’t get paid for their work, purchasing expensive photography equipment isn’t a feasible option. Luckily there are several budget-friendly solutions that don’t sacrifice quality for price.

#1: Poster board   



Poster board is such a great backdrop choice because it’s inexpensive, sleek, and easy to store. It gives the items in your flatlay a nice, clean background and allows for bright colors to really pop. If you’re just starting out, poster board is the first thing that I recommend you try. It isn’t a major expense. Plus, if you decide that it isn’t the backdrop for you, you can always find other uses for it. Even though I have a marble background, I still like to alternate with my poster board. It gives my flatlays a much needed dose of variety and keeps things from becoming too repetitive.

#2: Marble Slab



Before I purchased the marble background that I now use, I was a big fan of the marble slab that I picked up at my local home improvement store. This piece of marble is roughly a foot in length and width, which makes it a good size for small or close up photographs. You can find these slabs in a wide variety of colors. As someone who likes light backdrops, this white one was perfect for me. I can’t remember the exact price that I paid, but I know it was under $3. It’s a pretty good option if you want to achieve a marble tabletop look without actually having a marble tabletop.

#3: Marble laminate 



Of all the backdrop options, marble laminate is definitely my favorite. It looks neat and clean and gives the illusion of a full-size marble counter. Not to mention it photographs well in natural light. I finally decided to purchase laminate back in February. While this is the most expensive of the options, it’s worthwhile if you’re serious about improving your flatlays. Unlike the marble slab, the laminate allows you to take larger shots. With the slab, you’re constricted to a much smaller area. But with the laminate, you can capture a wider arrangement and showcase more objects in the picture. I find that my favorite photos are taken on this background. It’s the one that I end up reaching for the most.

Having tried out many different backgrounds, I can say that these three are the ones I’ve had the most success with. They aren’t nearly as pricey as state-of-the-art equipment, but they give blog photos a professional touch.


What flatlay backdrops do you use?



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26 thoughts on “3 Inexpensive Flatlay Backdrop Options

  1. I use my bed and alternate my blankets that are on top. I have a solid black, solid bright green, patterned frogs on a black background (which I try to avoid), solid light gray, and patterned dog items on a red background. I’m going to give marble or marble laminate a try. Cardboard would get destroyed in my house. 😀

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