Making Difficult Decisions

I hope you all don’t mind if I go on a little bit of a tangent in today’s blog post. I’m publishing this immediately after I write it, so if it seems scattered or choppy that’s simply because I didn’t have the chance to proofread. Nevertheless, I really wanted to get a post up tonight and I need a space to do some thinking.

In life, we’re constantly faced with difficult choices. The decisions that we make are what shape us as people and give our lives purpose. I think what makes a choice a difficult choice is its realm of possibility. When you have two different scenarios laid out ahead of you, each of which are incredibly different, it’s easy to think about what you’re giving up by making the one choice. Plus, there’s that question of ‘what if?’  that always has the potential to come back and haunt you. Making difficult decisions is nerve-wracking, especially when the risk of one of your choices is so great.



For me, it’s not so much the decision-making that causes the worry. Deep down, I think we all know what we want, but sometimes we’re just too afraid to admit it. It’s the actual process of carrying out the decision that I find intense, going through with your decision and living with its consequences. Whether it’s saying goodbye to someone or something, or leaving a place behind, there is always an underlying element of sadness that comes along with tough choices. Because in order for a choice to be tough, it must involve giving something up.

As you’re making a difficult decision, I think it’s important to keep in mind exactly why you are making that decision. Given the opportunity, nerves or nostalgia will try to derail you. They”ll try to make a situation appear much more glamorous than it actually is, and then rope you into staying in it. But these mental tricks won’t allow us to progress or achieve the things we want in life. If we chose to leave something behind, we did so for a reason. Continuing with it won’t change anything.

It’s an old cliche that making a decision is like choosing from two separate paths. While I agree that there are two different ways you can make a decision, I don’t think that they’re both going in the same direction. You’re on one path. Your choices are to keep trekking ahead and look for what you want, or to turn back and follow what you already know. And while what’s ahead of you may be unknown, it’s ultimately what’s going to help you grow.

So the next time you’re faced with a difficult decision, remind yourself of everything that you want out of life. Think about which of your choices will propel you towards your goals. Don’t allow doubt or fear to get the best of you. Take a step forward and not a step back.

How do you deal with difficult decisions?



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16 thoughts on “Making Difficult Decisions

  1. Good morning Paige,

    I don’t necessarily believe any decision you make is a wrong one, although sometimes it feels that way. In the long run after what may seem to be a biiiig decision you’ll many so many more little ones so that if you have a direct mind set with where you want to be and how you want to get there you’ll end up right there anyway!

    I’m a believer in everything happening for a reason so I guess that’s how I deal with my ‘decision’ making when it is right or wrong, I think the instinct inside of us knows best and will always be sure to put us in the right direction just as long as the right intention is the main focus


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    1. Hi! I also believe there are no wrong decisions. I do, however, think that we sometimes make choices that end up causing us problems because we’re afraid of failing or trying something new. I don’t think these choices actually stop us from finding success, but they definitely make things more difficult. I agree that our instincts usually know what’s best for us! It’s important to listen to what our brains are telling us and make choices that reflect our feelings!

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  2. Hi Paige…I have found things always work out the way they are supposed to. Give out good Karma and you get it back, though maybe not in a way you thought you would. The worse thing is to make not decision, especially when your instincts say “Go for it”….because then there is always the regret of “should-a / would-a / could-a” to deal with. Sometimes the heart knows the best thing to do, even if the brain says stop a minute. Very insightful today!

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    1. Hello! I agree that not making a decision when your instincts are telling you to go for it is the worst thing. We need to be able to trust our instincts, because they usually know what’s best for us!


  3. First thing, I find that whenever I write straight into the WordPress app and write about whatever is on my mind that it produces some of my most raw, genuine, and unfiltered thoughts! I think that rings true for you as well, as you were so honest in your writing. I loved this post.

    Whenever I’m faced with a big decision, I always trust my gut. It is super obnoxious and obvious whenever it feels like something is wrong, so I can never ignore it. I’ve definitely tried to and quickly realized that I should have listened to my gut. Your gut instinct isn’t wrong, because if things were right then they’d feel right! But that’s just me! I know you’ll make the right choice because you have a good head on your shoulders. Best of luck (and tell me how it goes! Whether via Twitter DM or whatnot!)

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    1. That really means a lot! Thank you so much! I definitely think writing exactly what is on your mind can produce genuine and honest content. I feel like when I spend too much time thinking about what to say that I sort of lose purpose. I’ve been trying to trust my gut more. Our instincts can certainly tell when a situation is really right or really wrong for us. Thanks! I’ll definitely let you know how it goes!

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      1. I have been meaning to answer back but I got sidetracked and wrote a different post to publish tonight. I find that I start to lose purpose too when I write a post so far in advance. In-the-moment posts are always real but concise. And I definitely had to learn how to trust my gut as well. I know you’ll be totally fine and make a great choice! Best of luck!

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  4. Its definitely important to remember the why. There are times I have turned back because I lost focus on they why. And we tend to only focus on the good sometimes and that applies to so much of our lives.

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  5. How we deal with difficult decisions is a good question and I believe we should all contemplate this issue to the point of having a solid answer. For me there have been too many times that I let the “what if” list all the possibilities that slanted towards reluctance and thereby retreat. But then my daughter helped be realize, that compared to the exhaustive possibilities within the decision to move forward – win, lose or draw and the sliding rule that could include varying degrees of all three – there is only one answer to “what if I don’t try,” and that nothing.

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    1. This is so true! I often find that the more time I spend worrying about a decision and wondering “what if,” the less likely I am to make a good decision. I think it’s important for us to trust our instincts and go in the direction that feels right!

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