Spring Things: My Seasonal Fashion and Beauty Favorites

Spring has officially arrived and I couldn’t be more excited about the start of a new season. If you know anything about me, I’m not a cold weather person. I find winter very dull and unexciting. And, if I’m to be entirely honest, my motivation for makeup and fashion pretty much dies with the leaves in fall. Does anyone else feel the same?

Now that spring has officially commenced, I’m ready to dive into all my favorite warm weather trends. I briefly talked about my renewed love for bright, bold colors  in a recent blog post, but today I wanted to get into the specifics of my springtime favorites. These are crazes that I look forward to all year and break out as quickly as I can. I’ll admit that some of them are a little unimaginative (*cough, cough* florals), but I think there’s a reason these trends haven’t gone out of style. While they’re not unique, they’re festive and chic (wow what a poet I am).


Pearl bracelets – If there was one accessory that screams “spring” to me, it would certainly be a nice pearl bracelet. While pearls are a timeless accessory, I think spring is the best time to wear them. Their pale color and shiny finish exude springtime fashion. Plus, they look marvelous with floral. I purchased these pink pearl bracelets from Forever 21 a couple of years ago. I don’t think they’re available anymore, but it’s a great place to check.

Oxfords – Oxfords are by far my favorite spring footwear. After nothing but boots in the winter, there’s nothing I love more than breaking out a pretty pair of dainty shoes. These oxford-style flats from the brand Not Rated become my go-to shoes in the spring. They’re incredibly stylish and match everything.

Floral skirts – Most people would put floral skirts on their lists of spring favorites and I do as well. There isn’t a more appropriate pattern for the season of blooming than floral. Like the pearl bracelets, I picked up this cream and pink skater skirt at Forever 21, for only eight or nine dollars. Floral fashion is the perfect way to embrace the spring season in your wardrobe.


bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie lipgloss – In general, I don’t consider myself a lipgloss person. But in the spring, I can’t resist trying out a fun pink shade. BareMinerals makes really nice, shimmery lipglosses. They have a glossy finish and provide even application. I must admit they are a tad sticky, but overall I really enjoy them.

Benefit blush – Similar to lipgloss, I don’t really care for blush. In fact, on a typical day, I won’t even apply it. This changes a little bit in the springtime though. A nice pink blush compliments spring fashion. While they’re on the expensive side, Benefits blushes are long-lasting and extremely pigmented. If you’re looking to invest in a blush, this is the way to go.

Above I included these atrocious photos of Benefit’s “Bella Bamba” blush that feature in one of my earliest blog posts. Looking at these, I honestly can’t believe I didn’t realize how terrible they were! My sincere apologies go to anyone who has been reading this blog for a while and had to look at these. What was I thinking?

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter – Going along with the theme of light springtime favorites, I really love Josie Maran’s “Sweet Citrus” whipped argan oil body butter. The scent is pleasant yet subtle, and the product gives your skin a nice amount of moisture. As someone who’s a big fan of body butter, this is one of my absolute favorites.

What are your must-have items for spring? 



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13 thoughts on “Spring Things: My Seasonal Fashion and Beauty Favorites

  1. I am going to try Benefit’s blush – I love their bronzer, it’s the only one I’ll use so I can only imagine that their blush is awesome too!

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  2. I really love coral and bright pink blushes with little bit of shimmer for springs.. It’s like higlighting but not in a superficial way. Since the weather is not that hot, I love lightly tinted natural lip colour lipsticks. Love your shoes❤️❤️

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