Unpopular Beauty Blogger Opinions

One of the best parts about the blogging community is being able to find people with interests similar to your own. In my time blogging, I have found many people with opinions similar to mine, especially in the beauty community. But just because we share some of the same thoughts, doesn’t mean we share all of them. These are a few of the things I dislike that most beauty bloggers would disagree with me on.

Before I begin, I want to state that no way am I attempting to criticize people who like these beauty-related things. Products work differently for different people. I’m genuinely curious to see if anyone else shares my opinions on these items.

1. Face masks 

I got the idea to write this post shortly after I posted my review of Origins Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Face Mask. As I mention in that piece, I have never been a fan of face masks. I don’t find having product on my face for long periods of time enjoyable nor relaxing. Plus, masks usually take a lot of scrubbing to remove completely. I often find myself picking bits of them out of my hairline for the next several hours.

I would much rather use a quick face wash over any type of mask. I don’t like waiting around for a product to work. In my mind, the faster, the better.

2. Acrylic nails

Obviously I’m not seriously trying to judge given that my nails look like this most of the time…

Acrylic nails are stunning and I’m constantly amazed by the designs that I see bloggers create, but I cannot stand wearing them. The first time that I applied acrylics was also the last time I applied acrylics. I put one nail on and immediately felt like my finger was being suffocated. I love looking at pictures of other peoples’ acrylic nails, but I certainly don’t want them on myself.

3. Face primer

I have only ever used one face primer that I’ve liked (the IPKN Radiant Cream Primer). It could be that I’ve just tried bad primers, but I think that I dislike the consistency of them in general. I find face primers to be incredibly slippery and oily. They actually seem to make my makeup crease easier.

4. Hot coffee

This opinion isn’t completely restricted to beauty, but since so many beauty bloggers love coffee, I thought that I would include it. I strongly prefer iced coffee to hot coffee. Even in the winter, you’ll find me ordering cold drinks.

What are some unpopular beauty-related opinions of your own? 



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23 thoughts on “Unpopular Beauty Blogger Opinions

  1. I do love face masks because I find them relaxing but I can totally understand why people wouldn’t. I agree with you on the rest though, especially acrylic nails.

    My unpopular beauty opinion is that I hate matte lipsticks. I know that they’ve been on trend for a few years now but I find them all so drying and liquid lipsticks are even worse. I wish I could find one that I like.

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  2. lol! I enjoy regular clay face masks but hate bubble masks, sheet masks, and peeling masks. I don’t do acrylic nails because of the bacteria/mold that can grow under the acrylic and over the real nail. But I almost always rock a gel mani. I love my ELF primer. And I think the world might stop spinning if I were to forgo my morning coffee (home brewed, not starbucks). 😀 I think my biggest, most unpopular opinion is about lip gloss. I hate it. So many people love it. Ughhhhh.

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  3. I’m not really sure if this is a blogger thing but I really can’t get on board with overnight oats! They just leave a bad taste in my mouth and don’t start of my day well so I’d rather skip out on those. Great post xx


  4. I definitely agree with you on the acrylic nails. My mom had acrylics for years and at some point she had to stop because they were depleting the strength and thickness of her nails! Several years of biotin and nail strengthening coats later, she finally has nails that grow and have strength again! So, no, acrylics will never be a thing for me. I want to have naturally super strong nails for as long as possible!


  5. I agree with your opinions! Face masks are so messy in my opinion. I like sheet masks but face masks are a no.

    I also don’t like face primers either! They always leave my face feeling weird and filmy, and I’ve been using my it cosmetics face cream as a moisturizer and just applying my face makeup on top of that. I find that face primer doesn’t make much of a difference either. But setting spray helps!

    One thing I can’t get behind is the sweaty makeup look. I get highlight (I love my highlighters) and a dewy fresh look but the straight up sweaty and oily look is something I’m not a fan of!

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    1. Face primers make my skin feel the exact same way! I know a lot of people rave about products like the Benefit Porefessional, but I think it feels like I’m applying grease to my skin. I’ll have to try that it cosmetics moisturizer! My skin has been really dry lately so I’m in desperate need of something haha


  6. Totally agree on the coffee thing, iced lattes all day every day! Also agree on the face primers, i’ve never found a decent one but so many people rave about how good they are!


  7. The common thing where unless people love everything (including rubbish products), the person is being negative. It is a totally ridiculous notion. Why is hating a product ‘negative’? Fake rave is way more negative in my opinion.

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  8. Not even a coffee person here, but definitely iced coffee any day, different story for tea though! And faster is definitely better – we have things to do besides putting makeup on, unfortunately.


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