Five Steps to a More Productive Monday Morning

If there’s one thing about Monday mornings that never fails to frustrate me, it’s that they often feel like wasted days. It’s not easy to motivate yourself to get work done on Mondays. Between sleep deprivation and the knowledge that you have mountains of work ahead of you, it’s a miracle you even get out of bed.

For a while, I accepted Mondays as wasted days, figuring there was nothing that I could do to make them any better. But this year, one of my biggest goals was to turn useless Mondays into productive workdays. While it is certainly challenging, I think that I have managed to make them productive.

These are a few strategies that I use to have more successful Mondays. They have had a big impact on my work ethic and my overall efficiency.

1. Drink caffeine 

I like to have a cup of coffee every morning, but on Mondays it’s especially necessary. Caffeine gives me the motivation and energy to get my work done, which isn’t always easy the first day back from the weekend. After my standard morning coffee (iced with a bit of milk and vanilla), I’m able to start my day.

2. Think ahead 

Thinking ahead is something that really helps me conquer a busy week. On Mondays, I like to write out a tentative work schedule for the upcoming days. It breaks up a lengthy to-do list and allows me to take things one at a time.

3. Exercise 

Working out might not sound like the ideal way to begin a Monday, but it definitely erases some of that morning exhaustion. I find that going for a run or a jog sets a great tone for the week. Plus, it’s a relativity easy thing to check off your to-do list. Running off my grogginess always makes me feel better.

4. Wear your favorite outfit

Given that I blog about fashion and style, it’s probably no surprise that I think a good outfit can be a fantastic Monday motivator. I find Monday mornings slightly less agonizing when I wear my favorite clothes. For some people, this could consist of sweatpants and fuzzy socks. And for others, it could be high heels and circle skirts. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and it just might make your Monday more tolerable.

5. Start simple 

If you’re someone who feels totally depleted on Monday mornings, one of the best things to do is get your easy, tedious tasks out of the way. Small activities like cleaning a room or filling your car with gas don’t require much energy, so you should get them done when you don’t have much energy. Save your more challenging work for when you have more spirit. While we shouldn’t allow Mondays to excuse us from getting any work done, it’s perfectly acceptance to be a bit lenient with ourselves and admit that Mondays can be brutal. The important thing is that we put in the effort.


How do you make the most out of Mondays? 



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