So You’ve Failed…Now What?

About a week ago, I wrote a post entitled “Managing the Fear of Failure.” It was a lot different than my normal content, but a few of you liked it and I really enjoyed writing it. Today I thought that I would elaborate on the whole idea of failure and what it takes it overcome it.

While my previous post talked about how to handle the arbitrary concept of failure, I wanted to discuss what it means to actually fail.It’s unfortunate, but at some point we all experience something that we consider to be a failure. It could be doing poorly on a test, or falling behind at work, or realizing that you’ve missed out on an opportunity. The feeling of failure comes in different forms at different ages. And it can be pretty depleting.

Failing at something is like having your worst fears come to life. It’s having all of those nagging, negative fears turn into realities. The thing about failure is that while we know it’s always a possibility, we never really expect it to happen. I think that’s ultimately what makes it so devastating.

While failure is a terrible feeling and certainly not something that we should look forward to, I think there are aspects of defeat that can be considered good. I know that it’s kind of a cliche sentiment, but I truly believe that we are defined by our failures rather than our successes. It’s the bad things in life that fuel us and drive us to work harder. It’s the obstacles and challenges that force us to become more resilient.

It’s so easy to give up and let yourself be defeated by failure. What takes strength is rising up from your failure and throwing yourself back into whatever you were unsuccessful with, fully aware that it could happen again. In my experience, being able to overcome failure makes success more attainable. As difficult as it may seem, the best thing to do is pick yourself up and give it another try.


How do you deal with failure? 



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12 thoughts on “So You’ve Failed…Now What?

  1. Another great post…I’ve just read the previous one and commented but the same thing applies here….with dancing…I dance a competition and for so long I felt like I was failing as I wasn’t making it into the final and when you’ve put all of the work in and done everything you can it really feels like you’ve failed and let your teacher down. Reality is that I can’t give it up so the only way for me to deal with it is to just look onwards and upwards and try again! xx

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  2. I heard a story once of a dad who encouraged his kids to do everything. When they would come home upset because they seemingly failed, he would ask them if they learned something. If they said yes, he didn’t consider it a failure because everything in life is about learning something new.
    That’s how I try to look at things, now.

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  3. Hey Paige!! I deal with failure by reminding myself to think of it as ‘practice’ for next time :)) btw this also helps me before a public speaking moment :: I just think “this will just be a practice run for when I actually have to speak for real” lol & it helps get me through!

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