The Brighter the Better: My Latest Color Obsession

I’m astonished to even be typing this sentence, but spring is less than a month away. This winter is coming to an end, bringing life to some of my favorite trends in fashion and beauty. I absolutely love floral patterns, pink lips, and pastel nails. But recently I have been excited about only one thing: bright, pale colors.

After a dreary winter, I think the best way to welcome the warm weather is with vibrancy. Lively shades of orange and pink really capture the essence of spring. They are warm, eye-catching, and full of energy.

While spring has not officially arrived, I have already started to integrate bright colors into my style. One of my favorite ways to do this is through makeup. Applying coral lipsticks and rosy blushes can give a look a great touch of seasonal flare. Lately I have been loving NYX ‘s Extra Creamy Round Lipsticks. This collection features a nice array of springy pinks. The formula is very smooth and long-lasting. Plus, a few of the colors are currently on sale for $2.

Another bright makeup love of mine has been Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush. Normally I am not a big fan of blush, but that changes in the springtime. The color gives your skin a nice glow and is very buildable.

As far as fashion goes, I find a lot vibrant inspiration in nail polish. While I don’t paint my fingers frequently, I usually keep a coat on my toes. O.P.I’s Fiji Collection contains several spring and summer colors that are absolutely gorgeous. My personal favorite is “Two-Timing the Zones.” It’s a fantastic hot pink color that’s strikingly similar to an old polish that I love called “All Kendalled Up.” Also, it makes a great staple in the spring and summer months.


What’s your favorite spring trend? 




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