Three Must-Have Blog Photography Apps

Blogging requires a lot of time and energy, especially the photography portion. When I first started blogging, I had no idea how critical posting eye-pleasing images would be. It wasn’t until several months in when I realized that the appearance of your photos is often what attracts people to your blog. It’s crucial to use pictures that will catch a reader’s attention.

Today I thought that I would share some of my favorite blog photography apps. These apps have helped me improve my pictures on both my blog and my Instagram. Hopefully they can be as useful to you as they have been to me.

#1: Camera+ 

If you take blog photos on your phone, the Camera+ app is a fantastic investment. Before I started using a real camera, I relied on this app for all of my blog photos. It makes it easier to capture professional-quality images on an IPhone. There are settings that allow you to adjust the brightness, add filters, and stabilize the shot. It’s definitely worth having if you intend to create flat lays or use lots of images in your posts.

Standard IPhone Camera:                                    Camera+: 


#2: Facetune

Facetune is great for bloggers, especially those who use Instagram. The details tool allows you to make your photos look more precise. I like to apply it to my flat lays in order to make product labels more visible. For example, if I’m posting a photo of an eyeshadow palette, I will use the details feature to make the packaging appear clearer.

                       Before:                                                     After: 


#3: Aviary 

Aviary is in the same vein as Facetune in that improves the quality of your photos. I specifically use the brightness and contrast settings on this app. As you can see, Aviary makes a huge difference.

                        Before:                                                 After:

(Lots of iced coffee pictures, I know…)


What are your must-have blogging apps?



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13 thoughts on “Three Must-Have Blog Photography Apps

  1. We love Facetune too, we’ve found that using the teeth-whitening tool on grey or yellowish background that are meant to be white is a really good trick! X

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