Four Ways to Relax When You’re a Constantly Stressed Out Person

It’s sort of a funny concept, but when it comes to relaxing, I get very stressed out. I’m the type of person who likes to keep herself busy at all times. Whether it’s writing blog posts or taking photos, or updating social media, I always want to be getting something done. It’s actually one of the reasons that I started blogging in the first place. I wanted a productive hobby that I could be passionate about.

That being said, I realize that being in work-mode all the time isn’t a realistic goal. At some point in time, your mind and your body need a break. It’s important to recognize when that happens and give it to yourself. I’ve learned the hard way that stressing out 100% of the time isn’t healthy. It’s critical that you cool down every now and then. Even reducing your stress to a 95-5 ratio can do wonders.

Listening to music: One thing that always manages to help me de-stress is putting in my earbuds and turning on Pandora or Spotify. Music has been scientifically proven to improve your mood (I included a link for any skeptics), and I wholeheartedly agree that it does so for me. Even if I’m taking blog photos or scrolling through Pinterest, I can put on some music and instantly feel more enthusiastic. It really does wonders for the brain.

Painting your nails: This is such a tedious activity that I rarely make the time for. Nails always take way too long to dry, so I ultimately decide not to do it. But on the rare occasions that I do spare a moment, I find myself feeling a little bit at ease. It’s such a simple thing, but it really does help.

Drinking coffee: Now I’m sure some of you read this and think that I’ve made a mistake, but I swear that drinking coffee helps me relax, especially if it’s with a nice dessert. If you’re looking for a way to wind down, I suggest making a batch of cookies and drinking your favorite caffeinated beverage (*Cough, cough* maybe using one of the recipes that I’ve shared). It’s a nice way to treat yourself. Plus, if you like baking then you can have fun with a new recipe.

Lighting a candle: If you know anything about me, candles are my greatest weakness. Every time Bath & Body Works has a sale, I cannot resist going in to check out the deals. Lighting one of your favorite candles can create a very soothing atmosphere, especially if it has a nice scent.

Overall, everyone is different, which means everyone has different ways of getting themselves to relax. Even if it isn’t on this list, I hope you find something that helps you de-stress. Making time for yourself to unwind is crucial. Don’t forget to give yourself a moment to breathe every now and then. It’ll make you feel better and give you the strength to conquer your goals.


How do you relax? 




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22 thoughts on “Four Ways to Relax When You’re a Constantly Stressed Out Person

  1. Good tips! Strangely enough there is something about painting your nails yourself that seems to bring you down and keep you relaxed! It is super weird seeing how it can be quite the pain to do when your polish goes out of bounds but for some reason this also calms my nerves and helps me free stress. Lighting candles is another great one! Smelling something familiar and comforting is always great!

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  2. I cook. Stirring and chopping requires some amount of attention but that takes my mind off anything else. And sometimes just a rote mindless activity works – getting up for a quick walk outside, sweeping the floor, or (most specially) sitting down and having a cat curl up in my lap. Nothing beats the sound of purring! You have coffee, I’ll have a glass of wine!

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  3. I get stressed out often because of family and work so I was happy to find this post. I have found that reading helps me immensely! There are so many resources out there with great advice (like this one!). I recently read a book I cannot recommend enough called “The Worry Free Mind” by psychologists Dr. Carol Kershaw and Bill Wade ( The book gives you really simple and easy to implement ways to help motivate and decrease worry in everyday life. It’s really not your typical self help book because the authors explain the science behind worry and how you can train your brain to start new productive behaviors.It’s a book based in science but easy to understand and very easy to benefit from. I really hope you and your readers will check it out. Thank you again for your tips.


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