My Go-To Travel Palette

I think that we can all agree that taking makeup on a trip can be one of the biggest nuisances. It takes up a lot of space, requires careful packing, and always run the risk of breaking.

Whenever I am prepping for a vacation or day away, I always dread putting together a portable makeup bag. I have a bad history of traveling with makeup, especially on long car rides. A few years ago, I had an eyeshadow break in my suitcase, ruining the bag as well as the other products inside. Since then, I’ve made it my mission to simplify the process of traveling with makeup. I’ve condensed my essentials (which really aren’t essentials because I could survive without them) down to a few keys items. Since I go on a few ski trips during this time of year, I thought it would be a fitting time to share.

My favorite of these travel products is NYX’s The Go-To Palette  in Wanderlust. This palette contains a highlighter, a blush, a bronzer, and a versatile range of eyeshadows, which makes it perfect for travel. Essentially, it gives you all the basics in a neat little container.


Eyeshadows: One of the things that makes the shadows in this palette so magnificent is that they can create virtually any look. If you’re going for a natural eye, there are shades of pearly white, muted gold, and dusty rose. If you intend on going for something more striking, you can use the deep plum and taupe. These eyeshadows deliver on any look you may need.

Highlighter: Out of everything in this palette, the highlighter is probably my favorite. This gorgeous champagne color gives off a great shimmer. Normally I prefer cream highlights, but I find this one to be very flexible. Plus, the gold sparkles work very well with the eyeshadow shades.

Blush: I’m not very interested in blush, so this is the item that I apply the least. It has a bit of shimmer and an orange undertone. It’s a great color, especially in the summer months. But typically I find myself neglecting this product.

Bronzer: What really solidifies this product for me is that the bronzer. It has a matte finish, which I love, and is very blendable. Although the rectangle is a little small for my contour brush, it’s worth it to have your products altogether in one palette. I can slip this beauty into any purse or bag with ease.


What are your favorite products to travel with? 



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15 thoughts on “My Go-To Travel Palette

  1. Hey there Paige, I really like NYX products and this one seems very useful, indeed. 🙂 I will check it out. For now, I travel with Clinique mini essentials and Avene thermal water, and in terms of make-up, my favourites so far are the nude and the highlighting palettes from Sleek. What do you think of this brand ?

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  2. Wow, this looks so useful. I usually overpack – mostly makeup – but I’ll have to look into getting a palette like this. Do you have any other recommendations?


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