Fantastic Winter Boots

If you’re like me and you live in a region that experiences brutal winters, chances are you struggle with finding footwear that can withstand frigid conditions. Every pair of boots has some sort of issue. Whether they’re not waterproof, or not comfortable, or not warm, a problem always seems to arise.

A couple of winters ago, I was in desperate need of a sturdy pair of winter boots. Trudging through the snow in the tattered pair I had was miserable. I’d frequently end up with soaking wet socks and freezing cold feet. So I ultimately decided to pick up a pair of Bogs. (I got them towards on the tail end of the winter season for a pretty good discount.) And I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

These shoes are completely waterproof. Regardless of the snowy conditions outside, I am able to step outside without worrying about wet feet. Plus, they are insulated, so my toes stay perfectly warm even in chilly conditions.

Another thing I adore about my Bogs is that they are extremely durable. I’ve had mine for nearly four years and they still look shiny and new. They material is really sturdy and isn’t compromised by tough weather. My pair of Bogs are in Classic Winter Plaid. I love how the design stylish yet still matches everything.

In conclusion, if you’re seeking a new pair of winter boots, I’d strongly recommend giving these ones a try. The quality is definitely worth the price.

What are your favorite winter boots?



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5 thoughts on “Fantastic Winter Boots

  1. Unfortunately we don’t get snow or really cold weather (which I love and would like to experience) where I live so I have no need for snow boots, but yours look great. Love the color and the pattern. I would love to buy a pair of Hunters rain boots but they are really expensive where I live, so that hasn’t happened yet.


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