My Birchbox Experience

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile now, you may know that I receive Birchbox and typically write up a review for each month’s items. This January, I made the decision to cancel my subscription. I have a bad habit of hoarding beauty products, so I’m using the next few months as a sort of detox. I feel like this will force me to use up the items that I already have rather than buy new ones.

Since I subscribed to Birchbox for about ten months, I feel like it’s a good time for me to give an overall opinion on company. Beauty subscription services are quite popular nowadays, so I figure some of you may be interested in hearing from nearly a yearlong subscriber about it. Hopefully this review can help you decide if Birchbox is for you, or if you should go with a different company.

The first Birchbox that I received was in March of last year. I had actually been gifted a three-month subscription from one of my relatives. I really liked using the trial gift card because I didn’t have to commit to the company with a credit card, and I strongly advise testing it out with one. This keeps you from accidentally being charged for additional boxes if you forget to cancel your subscription.

When you first create your Birchbox account, you fill out a brief beauty questionnaire. It has you describe your personal style and taste, as well as any hair or skin issues that you struggle with. I assume most subscription services have members write up similar surveys, so if you’ve used a service like Ipsy or Sephora Play, you may have already done something like this.

As far as the customization went, Birchbox usually sent me products that I felt were geared to me. There was one occasion in which I received a wrinkle cream (something that I didn’t list as a concern, or believe applied to me), but for the most part it worked well. However, I was a bit disappointed with the amount of perfume samples that I received. I’m not very into fragrances and I affirmed that in my questionnaire, but still ended up with three or four of them in consecutive boxes.


Like I stated before, my subscription began in March of 2016. Upon opening it, I was very impressed with the box itself. The containers are very gorgeous and I’ve found myself unwilling to part with any of them.

In the first few months of my subscription, I received primarily beauty and skincare products. Being a beauty blogger, these were often my favorite products to test out. I especially loved my June Birchbox, which contained three beauty products, a blemish serum, and a texturizing spray. This was the most makeup samples that I ever received in a single box. From there on out, I would get one or two, but nothing past three. If you’re seeking a service that sends strictly makeup, I would suggest you try Ipsy instead. Birchbox is more of a compilation of skin, hair, lifestyle, and beauty.

During the last several months of my subscription, I have received a large amount of dry shampoo. While I’ve found myself mostly pleased with these products, it started to feel a little redundant. I wished there was more variety in the products, however, the ones I received were all satisfactory.

Another aspect of Birchbox that tends to be widely debated is the sample size. After ten months of the service, I can honestly say there is no way of gauging whether or not you’ll be pleased with the amount of product you’ll end up with. Some items last me four or five uses, while others barely make it through one. The only pattern there seems to be is that the more expensive the full-size item is, the less product you receive. This isn’t always accurate, but I’ve found it to be true most of the time.

In conclusion, I think Birchbox is a worthwhile experience. If you’re interested in testing out skin, hair, and beauty products, it’s a good way to become acquainted with new brands. I’ve discovered some of my beauty must-haves through Birchbox, and tried out items that I would have otherwise never known about.

What are your thoughts on monthly subscription boxes? 

Sincerely yours,


In case you’d like to check each of my individual Birchbox reviews, I’ll link them below. Some of them are very old and poorly photographed:


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22 thoughts on “My Birchbox Experience

  1. I have to say that i 100% agree with everything you said. I tried birchbox before ipsy and ipsy is more “makeup” worthy. When i was subscribed to birchbox i also stated I didn’t want so many perfumes and ended with one almost every month!! Same with the dry shampoo. I honestly missed when we had the chose of a already curated box or one they try to match our profile with. I now just stick with boxycharm

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  2. I hoard the boxes too 🙈 The designs are just so pretty and they make organizing my ever growing samples a little easier. I love subscription boxes and feel like it’s a great way to “great yo self”. I’ve gotten birchbox, glossybox, ipsy, Sephora, and FaceTory. I think they are all pretty consistent in sending products I enjoy but there are definite pluses and minuses to each. Just depends on what you’re looking for in a sub I guess 😬😬😬 great (honest) post!

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  3. I just find out this morning that I got a wrong shade for the cc cream in Jan 2017 Birch box. Although I don’t use makeup regularly, it is a little turn down for me 😦 I am going to subscribe for few more months to see since I subscribe it for hair products XD

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  4. I am currently subscribed to birchbox, but have only been doing it for 2 months now. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. I haven’t received any product that I completely fell in love with, so I am wondering whether it’s worth while. I am unsure what other beauty box to get in the UK.
    Loved this blog, really helpful read for me 🙂 xx

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  5. I had Birchbox and Ipsy both for quite a while and ultimately ended up canceling my Ipsy in favor of Birchbox (Now I have neither because being an adult isn’t cheap). I would definitely agree with everything you’re saying. Birchbox was definitely my favorite, though. I feel like it fit more with me personally. Ipsy I think is targeted at like teenagers or adults who wear make up that’s out there. As I’ve gotten older I’ve opted for the pretty natural look, so it worked for me.

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    1. Birchbox is definitely better if you’re looking for more of a lifestyle box rather than a makeup one. And I agree that it gets pretty expensive, which is especially awful during months when you get products you don’t even enjoy.

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  6. I love the boxes too. I’ve saved most of them and repurposed them around the house. They are just too cute.

    I’ve been getting far too much dry shampoo and I’m not a fan of it. Unlike you, I’ve not received very many fragrance samples. I’ve been a subscriber for fifteen months and I’ve received maybe three perfume samples. Luckily.

    Overall, I’m very happy with a majority of my samples and I’ve been pleased with Birchbox on a whole as a company. Twice, I had broken samples and they replaced them immediately. I order a lot of my products through them and they are always throwing in extras. The customer services is just great, I’d likely still shop through them, even if I decided to cancel my monthly subscription.

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  7. I tried Birchbox at an event they had in LA and then received a box and I also found that there was a surprising amount of perfume. Although I love perfume, I find it to be a very personal item that wears differently on each person, so it’s really not something I want to sample. It’s something I want to choose.

    However, birchbox introduced me to the mighty fine Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, which is lovely. However, I agree with you, the sample size was disappointingly small.

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