Three Good Drugstore Lipsticks For Winter

Right now, I feel as though we’ve reached this awkward stage of winter limbo. The holiday season is long past us, but we’re not quite ready to start counting down the days to spring. It’s a strange time, and one I find particularly unexciting. To combat these general feelings of apathy, today I decided that I would talk about something that definitely puts me in high spirits: lipstick.

Since I started investing myself in makeup about three years ago, lipsticks have been some of my favorite products to buy. I love finding a color that really makes a statement, or complements a piece of my wardrobe. Some of my favorite lipsticks come from high-end brands, such as Mac and Nars, but I’ve also managed to find some pretty amazing buys at my local drugstore. These are great because they are high-quality items that don’t lead to hefty bills.

Winter is one of my favorite seasons for lipsticks. I enjoy experimenting with the dark colors and working them into my beauty routine. These three lipsticks are some of the best that I’ve purchased at the drugstore for winter. I strongly recommend giving them a try, as it won’t cost as more than a few dollars.


Covergirl “Entwined”– This gorgeous deep plum lipstick is one of the first that inspired me to try out darker colors. The color is super pigmented and very long-lasting. I typically will apply a fresh coat of it every 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Unlike many drugstore lipsticks, it doesn’t make my lips feel stiff or dry. It’s a really flexible formula and definitely one of my favorites from the drugstore.

Rimmel London “Bordeaux” – Rimmel London has always been a drugstore love of mine, because the products are so inexpensive. That’s why this winter, after deciding to try a burgundy lip, I ended up picking out this one in the shade “Bordeaux.” The formula is a tad drying, so I recommend applying a good, moisturizing lip balm beforehand. However, other than that small detail, it’s a reliable product. The color adds a marvelous wintry vibe to any makeup look, and has slowly become a staple in my makeup bag. Plus at $4.99, it’s one of the most affordable lipsticks out there.

NYC “The Penthouse Plums” – NYC released this City Duet collection several years back, and I absolutely love it. The lipstick consists of two different shades: a light plum with pink undertones and a dark plum with purple undertones. I adore this because you’re able to play with the colors to find a shade you like. It’s very versatile.


From left: “Entwined,” “Bordeaux,” “The Penthouse Plums”

What’s your favorite winter lipstick? 

Sincerely yours,


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