My Favorite Bath & Body Works Candles

As I was cleaning out a storage bin in my bedroom today, I stumbled upon my candle collection and immediately started popping off lids to steal a whiff of their fragrances. Sitting in a pile of sweet smelling euphoria, I thought to myself, ‘this would make for an interesting blog post’. 

In past blog posts, I believe I’ve briefly touched upon my obsession (I despise that word, but I’m going to use it anyway) with Bath & Body Works candles. Every so often, I love to hit up my local mall and purchase a couple of new ones. To me, candles are fun, decorative pieces that can spruce up a room with a little seasonal festivity. They’re much cheaper than typical home decor and they smell better too.

Over the years, I’ve tried out many different Bath & Body Works candles, but today I’ve conclusively decided on my top five. These candles are from different collections over several different seasons, so I’m not sure which ones are still available. Bath & Body Works often brings scents back, so if there’s one you’re curious about, it’ll probably be back in stock over the course of the next several months.


Honolulu Sun – Sweet, tropical-inspired candles always get me wanting summer, and Honolulu Sun is no exception. I love the notes of coconut and nectar. Plus, this ivory colored candle happens to be one of my favorite blog props.

Gourmet Espresso – Blended with the unique flavors of espresso and coffee beans, this caffeine-inspired candle is definitely one of the most interesting in my collection. I love that it’s unconventional by candle standards. It isn’t your typical fruit or floral scent. I hope Bath & Body Works decides to produce more coffee candles in the future. Who can resist the scent of caffeine?


Topaz Waters Natural and musky, Topaz Waters makes for a light and relaxing fragrance. The scent of this candle is very calming. It permeates my room with a nice, clean smell as well.   

Winter Candy Apple – This candle has been one of my winter favorites for several years now. Packed with the exciting fragrances of candied apple and orange zest, it offers a blend of musk and winter sweetness. Additionally, its vibrant shade of red complements the themes of the holiday season.


Gelato – Light and sugary, this Gelato-inspired candle has been one of my absolute Bath & Body Works favorites since 2014. With notes of strawberry and raspberry, Gelato is the perfect summer candle. Plus, its cotton candy pink wax blends with any pastel aesthetic.

What are your favorite candle fragrances? 



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20 thoughts on “My Favorite Bath & Body Works Candles

  1. I was just there today! Found out our mall closed Yankee candle and I told them they probably ran the Yanks out of business! Their candle products are worlds above Yankee! And dont cost half as much!

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