Blogmas #24: My Favorite Christmas Movies

It’s Christmas Eve!

I’m honestly in complete astonishment at how quickly this holiday season has gone by. The last few months of the year always seem to fly, but this year feels even shorter than usual.

Anyways, it seemed fitting to begin the end of Blogmas with a Christmas themed post. Christmas movies are some of the best parts of the holidays, so I decided I would use today’s Blogmas post to commemorate my favorite Christmas movies. I realize this isn’t an original idea, but I’m feeling festive, and this season is quickly coming to an end.






Elf has been my favorite Christmas movie for as long as I can remember. Despite having seen it hundreds (and I mean that literally) of times, I find myself cracking up at all of the movie’s jokes. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile now, you may have noticed that I use GIFS from this film all throughout the year. I don’t think another Christmas movie will ever top this one.


Home Alone 




Home Alone takes a very close second place to Elf. I love the premise and it always makes for a fun Christmas evening.

The Santa Clause 




The Santa Clause is one of the first Christmas movies I remember watching, so it holds a place on this list. I never get tired of this film.


The Grinch 




This animated classic has always been a favorite of mine. In fact, this GIF alone is one of my favorite things of all time.


Thank you so much for reading. What’s your favorite Christmas movie?




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