Blogmas #21: Winter Workout Tips & Motivation

Hey everyone!

Much like other activities, such as filling your gas tank or fetching your mail, working out becomes exponentially more difficult in the winter. Cooler temperatures limit virtually all convenient exercise opportunities, forcing us to purchase expensive equipment, join a gym, or, in most cases, abandon the process of working out altogether.

Given that today marks the first official day of winter (yuck), I thought it would be helpful to share some tricks I use to motivate myself to workout during this season. Hopefully these tips can help anyone who’s interested in maintaining a workout routine this winter.

Find an exercise you love.  

I know this first tip is in nearly all self-motivation posts, but I swear it really works. Everyone has different likes and dislikes, and that applies to working out too. Look for an exercise that’s both fun and engaging. Cardio isn’t for everyone. Try yoga or rock climbing or ballet.

Join a group workout. 

It’s easier to lose track of your exercise routine when you’re the only one involved. If you partake in a group effort, you’ll be less likely to fall off course.

Purchase some new workout clothes. 

I realize this idea may sound somewhat pointless, but new workout clothes really can be a motivator. I’m always excited to wear anything new that I purchase, and new workout gear has the same effect. So next time you’re feeling unwilling to exercise, you can say to yourself “but I just bought those new tennis shoes…”

Binge watch a TV show while working out.

My favorite way to workout is running. Since I run on a treadmill, I like to binge watch TV shows at the same time. The way I see it, I’m able to be productive while doing something I enjoy.

Thank you so much for reading. I apologize for the short post today. Given the proximity of the holidays, I’ve got a lot going on.

What are your favorite ways to workout in the winter?




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