Blogmas #8: Secret Santa Gift Guide

Hello everyone,

The holiday season can be fun, but it’s also immensely stressful. Picking out presents can be a challenge, especially on a budget. Today I thought I’d compile a list of gift ideas for one of the most difficult events to shop for: a secret Santa exchange. Hopefully these suggestions can be of use to you.

Since most secret Santa exchanges have a set budget, I divided this list into three categories–$10, $15, $25.


$10 & under:

Philosophy Lip Shines ($10) – Philosophy lip glosses are hands-down my favorite on the market. They provide long-lasting shine and moisture, and they smell absolutely incredible. Philosophy releases a holiday line every year with seasonal flavors. I’ve tried out both “have a cherry christmas” and “peppermint stick,” which are both excellent. The festivity and the quality of these glosses make them the perfect secret Santa gifts for the makeup lovers in your life.

You can check out these lip shines here.

Candy Gift Sets ($9.98) – If you’re not sure what to get somebody, you can never go wrong with candy. Most superstores sell inexpensive little candy kits that work for any holiday gift exchange.


image courtesy of Walmart



You can see one I found here.

Custom Mug ($9.95) – A quirky, customized mug is a fantastic present for your coffee-obsessed friends. If you’re really close with someone, you can get a meaningful picture or inside joke printed on the cup. It’s thoughtful and useful.

Try out this idea here .


$15 & under:

Printed Scarves ($12.90) – If you’re searching for a gift for someone who’s interested in fashion, scarves are good way to go. They tie-in with the winter season and come in handy if you live in a colder climate.


You can check an example out here.

Funny Mug ($15) – Now I know I already listed mugs in this guide, but I stumbled upon this quirky one that reads “I got this because my secret Santa knows nothing about me,” and I couldn’t resist including it. The best secret Santa gifts are the ones you remember, and I don’t think anyone could forget this.

You can view this mug here .


$25 & under:

Immerse Virtual Reality Headset ($24.99) – You don’t have to be very interested in technology to know that these virtual reality headsets have been drawing a lot of attention this holiday season. It’s a pretty interesting concept and it makes for an interesting gift.

You can view this item here.

Smartphone Projector ($21.75) – This is another technology gift, but it’s a bit more versatile than the last one. If you have a friend who owns a smartphone (which, given their popularity, you probably do), you can pick them up a portable projector that allows them to display photos and videos on a much larger area. I seriously want one of these. They definitely would make wonderful gifts.



You can see this projector here.


Thank you so much for reading this gift guide. If you’d like to see more present ideas, let me know in the comments.

Be sure to check out my next Blogmas post. I’ll be blogging every day up until the 25th.



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