The Importance of Equality

Hi everyone,

In light of some recent events, I wanted to take the time today to share a message on equality and acceptance. A lot has transpired over the past several days and I think it’s important in times of confusion and uncertainty to keep positive.

Regardless of what happens in our world, there is one thing that we must remember: everyone on this planet is equal. There is no religion or race or gender or ethnicity or lifestyle that makes one person innately better than another. We are all humans. We are composed of the same bones. We are revived by the same air. We are members of the same world. While we may differ in our thoughts and in our cultures, we are one in the same.

It is because we are the same that we should be entitled to the same. Everyone should have equal opportunity in their ambitions, in their hopes, and in their happiness. In a perfect society, this would be true. But perfection is impossible. And while this might be an unfortunate truth,  it doesn’t mean we cannot work for it.

Instead of shaming people for their differences, we need to celebrate them. Instead of hiding from injustices, we need to protest them. Instead of waiting for changes, we need to commence them. Everyone is equal, and if we want to build a world that perpetuates that philosophy, we have to work for it.

Don’t look to the future. The future is now. Make a difference. Fight for the changes that you want to see.

Sincerely yours,



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14 thoughts on “The Importance of Equality

  1. This is so true!!
    It is also important that people feel comfortable to speak up on inequality that doesn’t impact them directly. We have to see the hurt of others, know that we wouldn’t want it for ourselves, and prevent it from happening to others. The fight for equality is everyone’s battle
    J x

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      1. Exactly. For example, women can wish for equal rights all they want, but if it is only women listening to their requests, then they are fighting a losing battle. Men have to notice that things may be u fair and have to be willing to use their privilege as a tool to support women. The same goes for all forms of inequality. I have written a post on this issue also, if you care to take a look


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