October Favorites 2016

Hey! October has ended, which means time for another round of favorites. I personally find these to be some of my favorite posts to write. I guess you could say favorites are my favorites…(not funny)


I think the best category to lead off today would be beauty. This month, I experimented with quite a few dark lipsticks. As I mentioned in my autumn must-haves , I love the look of a plum or burgundy lip in the fall. It’s both festive and sophisticated. Recently, I’ve been fawning over Rimmel London’s “Bordeaux,” a deep red wine, and Make Up For Ever’s “Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick N9,” a dark pink with a hint of brown. These colors have really put me in a fall makeup mood.


From left: “Rouge Artist Natural Lipstick N9,” “Bordeaux”



Another makeup item I’ve been reaching for lately is BareMineral’s “Lash Domination” mascara. It has an incredibly unique, spiraling wand that helps add volume to your lashes. I swipe a couple of coats on my lashes (after they’ve been curled, of course) and head out to conquer my day. It doesn’t rub off until I wash my face at night.


Skin Care:

My skincare routine didn’t change much during the month of October, but I have been making a conscious effort to moisturize my face more often. The colder months send me into a bit of a dry spell, so it’s important I keep my skin hydrated. I’ve been using Clinique’s “Clarifying Lotion 1” to do just that. This is a liquid-based formula that helps remove flaky skin and dry patches. I like to apply it before I do my makeup. It leaves my face feeling fresh and healthy.





To go along with my renewed love for dark fall colors, I started wearing OPI’s “I’m Fondue of You,” a gorgeous matte burgundy color. It’s the perfect shade for fall and–better yet–matches many of my autumn lipsticks.


OPI’s “I’m Fondue of You”



I read a lot of different books this month, and one I enjoyed was “Thicker Than Water” by Kelly Fiore. It tells the story of Cece Price, a high school senior whose brother falls victim to a harrowing drug addiction. After he passes away, the reader learns the twisted truth behind Cece’s brother’s addiction, as well as her involvement in the matter. Its gripping storyline and genuine narrator make it an interesting read.





As the temperatures have dipped, I’ve begun to wear a lot of long-sleeve ensembles (*sobs eternally*). One item that has been a staple of my wardrobe is this simple army green flannel from Girl Krazy. It’s a versatile piece that I can mix-and-match with different outfits. Plus, the color is great for fall.


Food (the best for last): 




With Halloween being at the end of the month, October is essentially all about candy. Some of my favorites are Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, 100 Grand Bars, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Incredibly healthy, I know.

That concludes this addition of my October favorites. Thank you all for reading.

Sincerely yours,


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