Mental Health

As many of you may know, World Mental Health Day was a little over a week ago. Due to my hectic schedule, I wasn’t able to write a post about it until now. But mental health is such a prominent issue that I figured it’s better now than never.
I think mental health is an important topic that people tend to shy away from. To me, it seems like society has conditioned us to believe that we shouldn’t talk about it openly. I don’t think we should feel that way though. We shouldn’t be told to ignore internal issues. Just because they’re internal doesn’t mean they don’t matter.
Here is my three-step philosophy to mental health:
1. Your happiness is your priority. Period. Don’t make excuses for people who treat you poorly and expect you to tolerate it. Problematic people have no right to interfere with your well-being. If someone or something is making you feel inferior, extract it from your life. You need to do what’s best for you in order to be happy.
2. You shouldn’t be afraid to express how you’re feeling. If you know your state-of-mind isn’t healthy, confide in someone you trust. You should constantly be monitoring yourself. Any time you start to feel too sad or too stressed or too overwhelmed, express it. Don’t pass your emotions off as nothing.
3. You should capitalize on the things that make you enjoy life. I think we channel a great deal of our happiness from our surroundings. Immerse yourself in activities you love and encourage yourself to try new things. Actualize your goals. Accomplishment can have an astounding affect on your mental state.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.
Sincerely yours,

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