Seasonal Must-Haves: My Guide To Everything Fall

Hello again!
I think one thing we can all agree upon is that the beginning of a new season means it is time for change. In all aspects of life, new things are heading our way. Some of these things may be big and some of these things may be small, but no matter its size, change is exciting.
One of my favorite fall (which isn’t really a favorite because I hate the end of summer…let’s call it one of my least hated fall ) changes is the transition from summer to autumn fashion. Although I don’t think style should be limited to specific months of the year, it’s always fun to see the best seasonal trends return to stores.
Today I have elected to write up a list of the fall trends I simply cannot get enough of. This “guide” includes everything from fashion to beauty to decoration to food. If we share any of these fall must-haves, let me know in the comments. I’d love to know what items scream “autumn is here” to you.
Candles and Room Perfume:
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: candles are my greatest weakness as a human being. I buy them, never burn them, and then buy them again. It’s an unhealthy, vicious cycle, but I see no end. Fall offers some of my favorite candle fragrances: pumpkin, apple, cinnamon. At the beginning of the season, I like to pick up a few to use as decorations. They add a cozy ambiance to any room. Plus, their festive packaging spruces up colorless spaces.
I also obsess over room perfumes. My favorite is Pumpkin Apple from Bath & Body Works. It fills the air with a crisp, fall sweetness.
(and if it isn’t obvious, I love candy corn…)
Dark Lipsticks:
While bold lips are always in style, fall is the best time to invest in a statement lipstick. I recently purchased this burgundy product from Rimmel London. If you’re new to bright lipstick, I recommend you try this one. It’s very pigmented and very inexpensive.
One of my other favorite shades to wear is berry.  It looks festive when the temperatures are cooler, especially in late fall/early winter. This Covergirl lipstick is a particular love of mine.
I think I would be doing fall fashion a great disservice if I didn’t include this next item: boots! Autumn means breaking out your best pair of knee-high/heeled/ankle booties. For me, it would have to be these gorgeous brown Bandolino ankle boots. I’m not sure which I adore more: the fierce heel or the trim buckle.
Wen’s Fall Ginger Pumpkin Conditioner:
Let’s be honest: the idea of smelling like pumpkin is amazing. I never get tired of washing my hair with Wen’s Fall Ginger Pumpkin conditioner. It leaves my hair silky and smooth. Besides, I end up smelling like a pie. I realize that’s a weird metaphor, but I promise it’s a good thing.
Russet is one of my favorite fall colors, so this purse always becomes a staple of mine in the autumn. If you’re going to invest in a nice purse, I suggest you do it in a shade of brown. It matches virtually everything, regardless of the season.
(In case you’re reading the logo and wondering, to the extent of my knowledge this isn’t a Gucci purse. It’s a knockoff that was given to me a few years ago).
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion:
One of the many downfalls of colder weather is dry skin. (I’m never going to stop bashing cold weather, sorry). I use this Clinique lotion all the time to keep my face from drying out. It’s effective even on my driest of days. Fun fact: Contrary to popular belief, you should actually moisturize your face even when it’s oily. Moisturizers reduce oil and give your face a nice texture.
Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you have a wonderful fall. If you try out any of these items, let me know!

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