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I hope that everyone had a magnificent weekend, soaking up these last few weeks of warm weather. Soon the temperatures will plummet and (gasp!) snow will fall.

One of the best parts of the changing of the seasons is pulling out your seasonal wardrobe. Although I adore summer clothing, I’m always excited to transition to fall. Cute sweaters, ankle boots, and colorful scarves are some of my favorite pieces of fashion.

Today I thought it would be fun to share an outfit I recently wore. It was a relatively chilly day, so this ensemble is perfect for autumn.

On this day I decided to channel my inner Rachel Green. I took inspiration from a popular outfit worn by the iconic “Friends” character.


For my top, I chose this simple, off-white crop sweater from H&M. I love this piece because it’s so versatile. I wear this a plethora of times during the fall and winter because it complements so many different colors and patterns. Besides, it’s extremely comfy.

The black and gray plaid skirt I’m donning in these photos is from the brand Stoosh. Plaid is one of my favorite fall staples. It’s chic and it’s simple and it never goes out of style.

To me, what makes this outfit work is the socks. I picked this pair up from Aeropostale and I’m extremely happy with them. In addition, I’m sporting black ballet flats from Earth Origins. These shoes work to highlight the black in the skirt.

Items Worn:




Shoes-Earth Origins

That concludes this little Outfit of the Day. If you’d like to see an Outfits of the Week for fall, feel free to let me know. Plus, tell me your favorite fall fashion trends. I’m dying to try out some new styles.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sincerely yours,



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