I think we all have a tendency to base the way we feel about ourselves on the way other people feel about us. It’s human nature. We constantly second-guess ourselves, and obsess over our tiniest flaws, in fear of how those around us may judge us. It’s not something we’re always consciously aware of. But we review all of our decisions with the opinions of our peers, our coworkers, our neighbors and our families in mind. We frequently ask ourselves if we’re good enough in their eyes.

Our insecurities stem from our fear of rejection. It’s scary to imagine that we could be belittled for simply being ourselves. People are quick to judge, quick to presume something on appearances alone. If we do one thing they disapprove of, we’re ostracized for a lifetime.
Over the course of our lives, our opinions of ourselves will change. There will be days and months and years we’re incredibly happy with who we are. But there will also be days and months and years we’re incredibly disappointed in ourselves. In order to overcome those bad times, we have to ignore the voices of other people. Judgments and criticisms will never go away. We have to learn to prosper in spite of them.
Don’t let the fear of rejection or disapproval stop you from dancing without reason, wearing your favorite lipstick, or pursuing your passions. Be comfortable in your skin, and block out unnecessary scrutiny.
Sincerely yours,

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Hi, I'm Paige and my favorite things are lipstick, books, and coffee.

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