Six Ways To Decongest Your Life

It’s no secret that messes can be stressful. Here are some tips on how to deal with them.
1. Quit saying “I’ll do it later”. From now on, this phrase is off-limits. The moment you hear those words start to roll off your tongue, drop everything and get whatever it is you plan “to do later” right away. I put “to do later” in presumptuous quotation marks because we all know what it really means: I’m not doing that ever. Don’t let this incorrigible phrase hold you back. Get your work done now; you can rest later.
2. Clean out your junk drawer. This step can be metaphorical or literal. For me, it’s literal. (I have a drawer at home filled with an obnoxious amount of old calendars and notebooks and card games) For others, on the other hand, the junk drawer might be something else. Perhaps a junk locker, a junk purse, a junk car (also me). Annihilate this mess. It’s wrecking havoc on your life, even if you don’t realize it.
3. Plan out your goals. I’ll admit that this solution to a cluttered life sounds corny.  Plus, most people don’t want to budget their time around a schedule they’ve designed for themselves. But writing down your goals is an important part of making them happen. Getting your ideas on paper can help them move along faster. Even if you don’t follow your plans down to a tee, it’s good to have them laid out.
4. Pick up a new pastime. Even if you have a hectic schedule, find fifteen minutes every day to become acquainted with a new hobby. Try yoga. Read a book. Learn some new vocabulary. It’s important to experience new things on a regular basis. Giving one of these activities a chance can help cleanse you of internal clutter.
5. Put things back. In order to develop organization skills, one has to designate places for their belongings. Once you decide where something belongs, leave it there. And after you use it, put it right back. Don’t set it somewhere else for the time being. This is how messes start. You move one item out of its region, and then suddenly you’re living quarters look like they’ve been ransacked by some car burglars, lit on fire, and hit by a tornado.
6. Make organization fun. This is easier for some people than it is others. I personally find cleaning relaxing, but I know not everyone feels that way. If you don’t enjoy the decluttering process, then change it. Add an element that you know you love. Listen to music as you work. Buy storage containers that are your favorite color. Treat yourself. Remember: motivation is key.
Thanks for reading. I hope a few of these tips help.
Sincerely yours,

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