A Week of Summer Outfits

Hey there!

When it comes to fashion, we all have our favorite season. Some people love the cardigans, knee-high socks, and earthy tones of fall. Others are loyal to the oversized sweaters, faux leather boots, and comfy coats of winter. However, I believe that the best time for fashion is without a doubt summer.

The way I see it, summer fashion is a free-for-all. With the exception of  heavy, cable knit sweaters and winter jackets, you can wear virtually every piece of your wardrobe. This week, I decided to document the outfits I wore. Hopefully these ensembles can help you create some summer outfits of your own.

(FYI: I look so awkward in these photos…lol)



Coral romper- Joe B

Flower crown (you can’t really see it) – Forever 21

Bedazzled strappy sandals- Steve Madden

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve really gotten into fun, energetic colors. On Monday morning, I decided to channel my latest obsession by throwing on this vibrant coral romper from Joe B. It should be known that my love for rompers is unconditional. They’re easy to slip on when you’re running late, yet look very put together. To complete this outfit, I pinned a simple flower crown to my head and glided into a pair of playful sandals.



(me casually chilling on a swing set…)

Black tank top- Material Girl

Tribal print shorts- Joe B

Cheetah-print wedges- Roxy

The majority of my summer wardrobe consists of plain black tops and printed shorts, so I wore just that on Tuesday. My favorite thing about this look is that it’s so versatile. You can play it down with a pair of flip flops or sneakers, or you can play it up with a pair of heels or wedges, which is what I (obviously) chose to do. The wedges I’m wearing are from Roxy. The brand is a little bit pricy, but I really love their footwear. Unfortunately, though, I don’t think this specific pair of shoes is available anymore; I got it on a clearance rack several years ago.



Blue button-down shirt- Confess

Black high-waisted shorts- Forever 21

Crochet oxfords- Not Rated

As a avid lover of retro fashion, collared-shirts and high-waisted shorts is my all-time favorite combo (unless you count red lips and sunglasses, of course). On Wednesday, I donned this loose-fitting blue top with a pair of basic black bottoms. To keep the retro vibes going, I added these delicate (Tan? Brown? Beige? I honestly don’t know) oxfords.



(excuse the heinous tan lines on my feet)

Cream blouse- H&M

Floral circle skirt- Forever 21

Cream flats- (the soles are so worn out that I can’t read the label)

Although the floral skirt screams “spring” more than “summer,” I couldn’t resist pulling it out of my closet to complete this dressy daytime number.



Coral top- H&M

Patterned skirt- Aeropostale

Pink sandals- B.O.C

It seemed fitting to end my week in the same color that I started it in: coral. I took this bright, lightweight top and paired it with a fun circle skirt from Aeropostale. The coral works nicely to complement the pink elements of the skirt.

That concludes this little look at my summer style. If you enjoyed reading, please let me know. I would love to do one of these for fall. As always, thank you for checking this out.

Sincerely yours,



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