July Favorites 2016

Low-quality photo because I am the worst.



Today’s post will be a compilation of all my favorite things of the month of July. I would like to preface that these items are quite random. There is a hodgepodge of makeup and fashion and food and entertainment that I enjoyed over the course of July’s thirty-one days. Sorry if the scatteredness (not a real word, Paige…), bothers you.

My plan is to write about my favorites at the end of every month. Although we are almost halfway through August (what?!?), I decided to blog about July. I tried some new products this month that I really want to share:

  • MAC Pro Longwear Concealer- Confession: Before this concealer, I had never used anything from MAC. This may seem like a cardinal sin to avid makeup lovers, but I promise I had reason. The MAC closest to me isn’t exactly…well…close. The drive to Sephora is much more convenient for me, so I never bothered. In addition, I am a world-class cheapskate. It is a serious problem…If I spend more than twenty dollars, my heart begins to pound with the strength of a hammer. Am I the only one? MAC, on the other hand, is not for world-class cheapskates like me. Sephora isn’t either, of course, but at least it’s closer. Anyway, at the beginning of July, I decided to ignore my cheapskate tendencies and purchase a product from MAC. Concealer is my weakness when it comes to expensive makeup, so it was the obvious choice. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have made that decision. MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer is easily my favorite concealer of all time. It blends well without giving you the appearance of dry skin. It lasts all day without getting runny. Although on the expensive side, I would recommend giving it a try. This product is incredible.


  •  Dressbarn Cateye Sunglasses-I have spent the past fifteen minutes combing the Internet for the name of the model of these glasses. The search has not gone well. In fact, I cannot even locate one pair of sunglasses on Dressbarn’s website. I swear they exist though. At one point in time, Dressbarn sold me a pair of sunglasses. This particular pair has been my go-to for the summer. With cateye frames, purple-tinted glasses and gold trim, they match virtually everything. I love pairing these with my summer outfits. I’ll include a picture so you can check them out.


  •  Forever 21 Women’s Black High-waisted Woven Shorts- While these are not the exact shorts I have, these are the closest I could find. I wear these plain black  shorts religiously. I adore the look of tank-tops tucked into high-waisted bottoms. It makes any outfit seem put together.


  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top (black)- Do these even need an explanation?


  • Bath & Body Works Topaz Waters Candle- As I have said before, I have an eccentric love for candles. I frequently buy them, but I never burn them (bizarre, I know). Topaz Waters is one of my absolute favorites from Bath & Body Works. It has a musky scent that is perfect for all seasons. Besides, the teal color of the candle complements my bedroom.


  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child- As a dedicated fan of the Harry Potter series, it would have felt wrong not to include this in my July favorites. I do not want to go into detail, however, because I’m planning to write a book review.


  • Wireless Earbuds- During the month of July, I listened to a lot of music. While they are not necessarily new (I’ve had them for about eight months), they definitely saw the most use over the last few weeks. The wireless earbuds are especially handy because you do not have to worry about carrying your device around.


Those are my favorite things for July of 2016. It is so difficult to believe that summer is ending! Unfortunately, the end of summer means the start of school. Once classes are in session, I will not be able to write as much. My goal is to post at least once every week, but hopefully I will be able to do so more. I will keep updates on my social media. As always, thank you for reading.

Sincerely yours,


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