July Birchbox 2016


It’s not exactly original to start an end-of-the-month beauty review by commenting on how quickly time flies, but, quite frankly, beauty reviews are not exactly original. July went by in the blink of an eye (ooh, I rhymed!). The month I wanted to last forever ended before I even process what was happening. August is now in full-swing, and although I am reluctant to admit it, summer is almost over.

Today I will be rehashing the products I received in my July birchbox. If you are not familiar with Birchbox, check out my June review. I go into detail about the company, pricing, value, etc. Hopefully you can read it and decide if it interests you.

The theme of July’s birchbox was “things that get you up and at ’em.” Essentially, this meant that the products were selected to fit into your morning routine. Here is a list of the items I received:

COOLA SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray (Full-size, $36)

Klorane Shampoo with Chamomile-For Blonde Hair (Full-size, $20)

Klorane Conditioner with Chamomile-For Blonde Hair (Full-size, $20)

Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl Mascara (Full-size, $14)

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate (Full-size, $67)

Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate (Full-size, $65)

Overall, this month’s box had me divided. Three of the products worked well for me, while the other three fell flat.

COOLA SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray: Why, COOLA, why? Several birchboxes ago, I received a COOLA sunscreen and fell completely in love with it. Naturally, when a setting spray from the same brand was delivered, I was ecstatic. This product, however, let me down. I used it a few weeks ago on a day I knew I was going to spend outside. By late afternoon, my makeup had smeared off into one hot, oily mess. I am starting to believe that setting sprays are gimmicks designed by marketing geniuses to trick makeup junkies into dropping an extra thirty dollars. Do I smell a conspiracy? 1/5.

Klorane Shampoo and Conditioner with Chamomile-For Blonde Hair: This combo was a disappointment for me. As a dirty blonde, the prospect of a shampoo and conditioner that lighten your natural highlights is exciting. However, after three uses, I saw no visible change in the color of my hair. In addition, it left my ends feeling broken and dry. 2/5.

* If you are looking for a lightening shampoo and conditioner, I would recommend trying John Frieda’s Go Blonder instead. They smell nice, leave your hair incredibly soft, and legitimately lighten your highlights.

Marcelle Xtension Plus Curl Mascara: This product signals a turning point for the July birchbox. Marcelle’s Xtension Plus Curl mascara is easy to use for quick, clump-free lashes. It has an arched wand, clearly designed to conform to the eye. Additionally, the uniquely-shaped mascara wand is useful when it comes to your bottom lashes. You do not have to fret over flecks of mascara getting on your under eye. 4.5/5.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate: For me, this has become a very reliable item, one I instantly look to when I am dealing with bad skin. The description boasts “a radiant complexion” and it gives you just that. 5/5.

Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate: Okay, I have a confession. I did not try this product. Its primary use it for blurring out wrinkles, but I’m not at an age to have that problem…Birchbox really missed the mark on this “customized” sample.

All kidding aside: Birchbox usually sends me products that correlate to my personal beauty preferences.

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely yours,


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