Book Review: The Perfectionists Series


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One of my absolute favorite things about summer is outdoor reading. As the temperatures grow hotter, there is nothing I love more than basking in the sunshine with a good book.

I have read quite a lot recently. Some of the latest titles I’ve completed are “The Perfectionists” and “The Good Girls” by Sara Shepard, author of the bestselling “Pretty Little Liars” series. I snatched these books off the shelf of my library on a whim, hoping to find a juicy summer read. After devouring the duology in a mere two days, I can honestly say this series fulfilled my expectations.

“The Perfectionists” tells the story of five teenage girls–Ava, Mackenzie, Julie, Parker and Caitlyn–who reside in Beacon Heights, a posh, ultracompetitive suburb of Washington. After watching a gruesome movie in their film class, these girls are joined together in a discussion group. Virtual strangers, the five students have one thing in common: a hatred for Nolan Hotchkiss, the school’s infamous player and bully. Jokingly, Ava, Mackenzie, Julie, Parker and Caitlyn plot out a way to murder Nolan. However, when their scheme is carried out, and Nolan ends up dead in the fashion they imagined, they become the primary suspects in a murder investigation.

This series is the perfect summer read for fans of crime, vengeance and drama novels, especially those who’ve read Sara Shepard’s previous work. While the plot eerily pantomimes that of “Pretty Little Liars,” it is enjoyable and deliciously entertaining. Through twists and turns, lies and deception, the novels never stutter in suspense.

However, in spite of the constant drama, the series lacks a little bit of clarity in terms of character development. With five different protagonists, it was difficult to discern between the aspects of each girl’s personality. As in the title, they are all perfectionists who suffer to maintain their pristine statuses when news of their possible involvement in Nolan Hotchkiss’s murder spills. Consequently, these similarities dose the story in ambiguity.

Overall, I would recommend giving this series a try. It is fun and suspenseful, and Sara Shepard’s descriptive writing makes it easy to immerse yourself in. Additionally, the story wraps up in just two books, which gives you plenty of time to finish it before the end of summer.

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