Hello, Hello, Hello

Hey there!

Welcome to the very first entry of my blog. I am utterly ecstatic to see this day finally come to fruition. For the past several years, I have wrestled with the idea of creating a website. Now that I have I cannot wait to begin.

My name is Paige and (if it isn’t already obvious) I love to write. Written expression has been my passion since I was nine years old. As a child, I would write stories in the back of old school notebooks, pouring my thoughts and feelings into characters and settings. Writing was the way I connected with myself, and I hoped to use it one day to connect with the world around me. However, in hindsight, I am thankful that goal could not be accomplished until today. My nine-year-old self was not exactly…articulate.

Nevertheless, I have decided to blog. As of now, the nature of this website is totally ambiguous. There are so many things I want to write about: fashion; makeup; home décor; books; current events. However, I do not want to be limited to only those topics. I know it would be smart to have a general idea of what this blog will entail, but who knows what I’ll be inspired to write about today or tomorrow or two months from now? People change constantly. Our outlooks, our styles, and our opinions are all products of the different life cycles we have gone through. No one is an exact replica of the person they were ten years ago. Nothing is meant to be permanent. Consequently, I am not going to categorize this as a “fashion blog” or a “beauty blog” or a “book blog”. I do not know what it will be. The title–Currently, Lately–can represent whatever it is that I elect to write about. It is my mindset at any given time.

I apologize for going off on a bit of a rant. Unfortunately, I cannot promise that it will not happen again. Since I am unable to go into the specifics of this blog at the moment, I would like to at leat tell you a few things you could expect to read here (use the word expect lightly):

  • makeup reviews
  • style ideas
  • book reviews
  • movie reviews

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy whatever this becomes.

 Sincerely yours,




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Hi, I'm Paige and my favorite things are lipstick, books, and coffee.

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